The Tree of Life/Forbidden Fruit

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    As an experienced marijuana smoker I have been around the block a few times. To my hood, I held it down. To me, I was just doing everyone a favor to keep them up with me.

    As a child I was very stressed, I was put through a rough childhood. Father addicted to drugs, hatful stepfather, a mother that could care less. In my eyes I matured at a very young age, still at a very young age I still have much to accomplish.

    I have found uses in marijuana, I have an odd rash on both of my feet. I ran marijuana smoke through some water and extracted the liquid resin from the tubing. This simple resin acted as an ointment and to this day my right foot is clear of the odd bumps. My left foot? Is still the same, ready to show a doctor or my parents or whoever.

    My name is Matthew. And this, well, this is my shit.

    As me and my friends watched the movie Year One, I sat back, took a hit of "Afghan Kush" and put my mind to work. I thought to myself.
    Think back to Genesis. The tree of Forbidden Fruit. Its an apple? How do you know?
    You dont. So. Lets figure this out yeah?

    My roomate, is in school to be a Youth Minister. I run back to his room," Jacob! Question!"

    I say something like, "What up bro, you have any idea what the forbidden fruit is/was?"
    What do you think about it being marijuana?

    He initially looks at me as a fool would, as my personality would not let me do anything else, I simply smiled.

    He pulls out his Bible and says we can look into it. He tells me if one is to eat from the tree they will surely die.

    My roomates girlfriend, says something along the lines of "Well crap if it is weed its to late now haha?"

    I reply with something like "How many apples have you eatan lately?" Menacing smile comes to my face as I see the spark go off.

    Point proven. Which is that we don't know what it is. Which means noone can "say" what it is. We can speculate. BUT Spec before check? right?
    So lets check real quick.

    For reasons best known to himself, God singles out one particular tree -- called the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" -- whose fruit man is forbidden to eat. This, of course, is the famous "forbidden fruit," though you may be surprised to know that that phrase appears nowhere in the Bible. (It was coined in the seventeenth century; "forbidden apple" is even older). And despite all those pictures of a serpent tempting Eve with an apple, the Bible never tells us what kind of fruit the tree of knowledge bears. If anything, it was more likely apricots, pomegranates, or figs than apples. (Adam and Eve will use fig leaves to hide their nakedness at Genesis 3: 7; thus the expression "to cover with a fig leaf.")

    (No idea what the fruit is at this time)
    (Some stuff like this really pisses me off. When people just think they know something and nothing else is plausible or reasonable.)
    (Thats why this is here and not on the news.)

    But the important point about this tree is that if Adam (meaning "man") eats of it, he shall on that day be "doomed to death" as the Hebrew says. (The King James rendering -- "thou shalt surely die" -- jumps the gun; Adam and Eve live to tell the tale.) God wouldn't have had to say this, of course, if he didn't know Adam would be sorely tempted, which raises the question of why he put the tree in the garden in the first place.

    The way people smoked back then, they built cylindrical drums, piled hot stones in the bottom, and threw hemp into the drums and essentially vaporized pounds of weed. And just sat around and thought etc.

    However, the Bible implies for them/us to do this in Eke:34:29

    And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more. -- Ezekiel 34:29

    After you smoke some weed, are you not just kind of chill for a good 30 minutes? At least, you wouldnt want to be around your parents for that 30 minutes? Don't bear the shame of the heathen and drink to get drunk and just go act a fool. They did this in Bible times, they might've gotten Smote. (Past tense for Smited)

    Also puzzling is what the author means by "knowledge of good and evil." In the Hebrew original, the word for "knowledge" also means "knowing," and the entire phrase might be translated as "knowing how to distinguish good from bad" -- which Adam presumably wouldn't need to do so long as nothing bad turned up in paradise. But God never promised him that.

    Any seasoned smoker, that isnt stupid or they are smoking for the wrong reason. Will without a doubt understand that knowledge, when it comes down to it. Is all we have.

    And what you have, thats your knowledge. Noone can take that from you.

    What I want the world to see, is something bigger. To understand what the plant can do. As a person, I feel that the high from marijuana is literally a high, to lift your spirit to a better place. Not a drug to get away from something. But a simple solution to lifes problems. When shits bad, get some weed and look up you'll see the Lord.

    Single the plant out, there is nothing else like it. Hence it is illegal. One day soon I hope for our race to see the truth.

    What needs to be done is the knowledge needs to be introduced. The only reason they are so hard-headed is because they've been taught to be. Yet, brainwashed in a sense.

    So. To conclude this. I'm going to say, that as the human race furthers itself in the quest of greed, the human mind will further deter itself from its Spirituality.

    Hopefully this has been eye opening.

    Keep the Faith and Spread the Word!
    Thats all it takes.
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    Right right, well when those radicals read something like this maybe the world will be at peace. They are obsessed with themselves.

    And Buffalo, when I say Keep Faith I mean keep your Faith. You dont have to keep with the church, just believe and be thankful.

    Church in my eyes
  3. joke squad, reporting in

    god = applied THC, i need it for better conversations
  4. Would that suggest you are dependent on THC for speech?

    I assure you that you are not.

    God will do much more than help you talk, you just have to let Him into your life.
  5. The tree of knowledge of good and bad, is each individual, male or female. And can only be partaken of when you have sex. That's is why the bible, in the historic sections say, " And he knew his wife, and she conceived and bore ......"

    This jung archetype test, describes how your favorite food, is like how you feel about sex. And sex is comparable to eating, in that you take pleasure from it, and it tastes good. Know what I mean?
    Say like I like vanilla ice cream, my favorite females would be those who are cool and sweet.
    I also like pizza, females that are hot, and "tasty", appeal to me.
    Archetypal Healing Dream Symbols

    So yea, having sex is partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and bad. I also heard that having an orgasm makes you lose some type of spiritual energy, So Adam, and Eve, being the purest of mankind, fell from grace after having sex for losing some spiritual energy, and knowing each other.
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    That is all applicable information yes. Besides the tests and such.
    I agree with the orgasm striking spiritual energy. However I also believe that one's spiritual energy is not set at a specific level or can go negative or anything like that.
    That is your self and how close you are to the Lord.

    I'm not saying I have ever seen God or anything like that. I'm saying that marijuana has helped me find my Faith. I'm only 18 and my beliefs are set. As far as the orgasm goes, me and my girl have been together for almost 2 years and we have stopped having sex as time has went by. No reason, I just don't feel it is necessary right now. I've never been told anything like that. Its just the way I feel. I feel about a lot of things like that.

    I see my dreams happening all the time the odd thing is I've seen myslef arrested and all kinds of stuff, but when it happens in life, based on what I do the situation will go accordingly. Provisions of the future in the Bible. Thats one thing that holds me to my faith.

    I read into the two above links, that kind of stuff is really stupid. How is someone else going to tell me what I know about my self. Or anyone else for that matter. Especially some bullshit type of test deal.
  7. Whatever floats your boat man, I'm glad you would be happy and content. :)
    Better than my miserable living.
  8. If you are miserable you arent doing what you enjoy and that means you should :smoke: more.
  9. excellent post
  10. Truth be told, It's not working like it used too, I get too fucked up, then I go Insane, thoughts out of control and everything. However when I do smoke, I get a little bit of bammer with some tobacco. Smoke some wacky tobacky, Get's me a good high, but it could only last so long, and my meds kill the high when i need to take them. I think it might be the meds.... I can't wait til I am out of school, so I can quit them.
  11. its the pomengranite
  12. Thank you sir.

    In the end its something that seemingly satisfies without regard of whats going on around it. To me thats faith.

    Don't think that this is something like a false belief or something to look to in a time of need. When you picture the person thats writing this you are probably a good 80,000 miles off of correct.

    You don't know me and I don't know you. But what we could share no matter who we are is the knowledge of God and what we could have in common is how we worship.

    To me marijuana is something special. There is nothing like it, before everyone was worried about making a quick buck? People had weed. Stomach ache weed, migraine weed, you bored? weed. Acting a fool? hit this kush and sit your ass down for a few hours.

    As an aspiring rapper, Quick freestyle about the good.

    On Sundays.
    We wake, We bake,
    We then thank Christs sake.
    For better or for worse,
    This green its no curse,
    You lot have been lied to,
    You lot have been tied to.
    Some bullshit beliefs,
    That suffer no reliefs.

    But I'm here to let you know,
    That the bullshits gotta go.
    You can obviously see,
    Marijuana has got me.
    In a place I like to be,
    Chillin at the top of the,
    I flip the flop all day to lee.
    Im in the shop, to get that KKB.

    See I get high it aint no lie,
    Don't be suprised just realize.
    God made dirt and dirt dont hurt,
    And God made weed to get us freed.
    So plant the seed and hit the weed,
    And get us all away from greed.

    23 days woo woo!!!!
  13. Kenu it is your medicine. Im sorry to say it but thats what it is. Just smoke instead of taking your medicine.

    And to they who said it was the Pomegrante, who told you that. It was God's tree, last time I checked only two people have ever eaten it from the tree.
  14. Mary Jane speaks through him!!!!
    [ame=]YouTube - Bob Marley - Last Words to his Fans[/ame]
  15. What Bob said. If you cant understand him.

    If you listen you will see the right way, because there is a voice inside talking to everyone.

    Get high enough, you will be one with the Lord. Not one, but you can understand what is good and what is not.

    As it was then as it is now, it wasnt the concept of just eating the fruit and shit falling apart.
    Its that the Lord told them not to do it. Make your own choices but know what is good and what is bad.

    Because we are all humans, we all do good and we all do bad.
  16. idk if it is the pomengranite lol thats just what im putting my money onj

    hows it taste?
    sort of forbidden... lol
  17. i get singnals from: music/tv/internet other people, magazines, books, nature

    its like im the producer watching my movie play out, its great, it make you feel more awake when awake. weed is better, music, everything you appreciate is better when enlightened. the top is so appropriate, this is where i belong
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    as i remember, there was a tree of knowledge and a tree of life. they were to not consume from the one of knowledge but they may from the one of life.

    i dont think weed was the one of knowledge. but the one of life, perhaps. since the seed is one of the healthiest things you can consume. another thought, if the burnt matter of an herb helps appreciate all things, and appreciation is closely similar to love, and love is what jesus preached and god is all about love.. then im sure it must be good.

    also funny how the government added hatred into the equation.

    and hey i also found this an interesting read, related.

    God wants you to have unhindered access to marijuana

    i will conclude this with this.

  19. its coming soon anyway, its at a tipping point i think, $100 fine no court no jail, thats just the beginning for america

    im not god, but i am gods son, love, live, life then dead

    you cant join us or beat us

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