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Discussion in 'General' started by sst, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Ok so even though I've just started tripping on DXM, it doesn't change my feelings about anything I say. I'm gay and I love weed and I love having a good time. If you have a problem with me or with me posting this because I'm gay, that's too bad.

    Yesterday I got back home from hanging out with this awesome guy I lost touch with years ago. We have everything in common, and I pretty much fell in love with him after not having seen him in 4 years. Next year I want to move in with him.

    There's no real point to this post, I just wanted to say how great it feels to be in love after worrying about not ever feeling this way about anyone. But it is weed-releated since he got me so baked the entire week and even now I'm smoking the shit I got from him.
  2. thats great i'm really happy for you! just remember to take things slow. thats always the best way.

    and yay another gay smoker!
  3. Good for you! :hello:
  4. Yeah we're going to move slow. He lives many hours away but we'll still see each other. This week has opened my eyes.
  5. I have a question for you, why do you state this like your looking for a fight?

    Seriously, what was the point in going "I'm gay? Got a problem with it? Too bad." That seems to be just asking for trouble
  6. I'm not trying to start a fight. I'm just warning people if they have a problem with gays. I don't want someone coming in here if they have a problem or anything.
  7. But what I'm saying is throwing that statement out there in that manner is just more like beacon for people to come to you with anti gay comments than a deterrent. Just my thoughts
  8. I get what you were trying to do. I just didn't know if I should have warned people or not. Wow it's so hard to type.
  9. i think you mean fag and i'm not sure if your being sarcastic or not but don't be a rude person just because he has a different lifestyle choice. Anyways congratz.
  10. yeah dude if i was gonna take anything from this thread its how hostile you sound.

    see how it even takes away from the real message?:wave:
  11. Hey, a stoner is a stoner gay or not. I don't have a problem with gays as long as they don't hit on me. Then it just gets creepy.
  12. I can barely type, I'm not hostile. Well I'm just really happy right now.
  13. Oh man I'm gay too. Every gay person I have ever talked to has HATED weed. Its very annoying haha
  14. i'm gay, yea i said it, so what, ya wanna fight about it?

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  15. hahaha right when you said "ya wanna fight about it?" i thought of family guy, then i scrolled down a little and saw the picture and busted out laughing...priceless!

  16. thats very cool that he smokes you out, sometimes i wish i was a girl so i could be a lesbian and get all kinds of free shwag (as in free stuff. . .not the brick bud)
    thats cool man,

    but we dont care about your sexual orientation,

    as long as you can spell and use proper grammer, participate in intelligent conversations and not resort to hurling insults when your offended. . .welcome to gc.

  17. smooth.:rolleyes:
  18. please don't do it in my woods
  19. wow not neccesary bro

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