The Three Word Story Game... All in all.

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  1. *Page 1-15 on the "3 word story game" Thread*
    *Maybe somebody else can help out and do a bit?*

    Once a Stoner.... a magic bong which granted wishes. only while lit. Then one day he wished that he could have some weed that was fuckin' fat now it's goneHe wished again and then suddenlywould symbolize his never ending search for kind bud. He headed off To oz land to visit 420girlie because she's hot and loves to have sex with joint in hand. Another girl in kind bud land vatoloco slapped his stoned drooling face because he lost and woke up. Waked and baked, choked and died, now I will pack a bowl, of dank nugs with some things and toke hard. He then began to flip out, pooped his pants, and passed out. Then OHHHH my his Bong talked, and said that, he had three nipples, like NuBBin, and needed to search for nipples, so that he could get 420girlie and get some hot momma lovin', and so then, he went searching, and found 420girlie, growing the tallest most crystal covered, dank ass motherfuckin chronic buds ever. And he exclaimed "it's my duty as your friend to find 420girlie and stick these two very large nuts in her trunk and light her spliff that burned forever So... they started to smoke it up and got so high they had to hold on to their crotches or else they would fly into Schwaggville in which they would die and got to see jeebus crypes the son of the Ganja God, and he will bless them with "The Holy Joint." But 420girlie said she loved BPP so they had ice cream sandwiches and earthshaking sex in her dreams. Every damned night because 420girlies dreams of herb filled sex with BPP sounds real well. This is wrong, or is it? Said the temptress as her tassles twisted in circles.

    Eome; "Is it just me or is this becoming more and more nonsensical as we go along?"
    Cowboysaxman; "jeebus eome, It's a freakin' game! It's supposed to be nonsense, not a novel, get with the game dude"

    In Eome's face, the happy stoner sprung a boner, that poor loner, was really blazed, ran to shitter, before he could shit his pants! And then everyone made no sense and started to ramble about 420girlie who won't toke on Monday, unless, she has herb, to give away, poopy poop pooples. Where had she slashed everyones throat, what the hell, good fucking question. "LOL" said wodin. When 420girlie said I'm still grounded... needa get high. so she lit the magic spliff, and got so wasted real quick, yes "woody's garden." Garden of Ganja. I'm lost because I'm so fucking high that Im in a world away from any known dimension. GOD IM HUNGRY for a bowl of some "skunk" smelling which means that I'm waaay high and don't know a damn thing so fuck it lets start again.
    *Meaningless bullshit.... not taking the time to add it in*

    So sit back and chill out said cuban b yo I'm not ready for a locked up thread.
    So one day, the original stoner had a boner, there it was In his bed so he called some freaky bitch a twelve foot tall amazon woman with braded armpits said HOOYAH loud and she replied the bubbles sharon all started popping and began hopping they weren't stopping. So he said what the fuck dirty dingus amuk! chirp and cluck, replied the duck in a muck, what the fuck, shot a buck while in-a-fuck of goose, rhyming isn't fun. Psychic friends network miss cleo knows. fuck miss cleo, in her endo, Called me gay, rolled in hay. You dumb jew, school house rock, said the jock gangster, like spock. Shaved his frock, put on sock, weedmaster slim appeared in da butt said the slut, while in a fuck, this again critter?
    I R GENIUS, ME IS TOO! U sure is. with a puff, of some duff, damn great stuff, like a tasty muff, where is sensimil?

    *To Be continued...*

  2. Haha this is great someone should try to write the whole thread!
  3. arhhh the old days :bongin:
    where is sensimil???
  4. turn it in to a non sense novel 
  5. it all made sense at the time lol. :smoking:

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