The Third Eye

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  1. have you opened your third eye? if so, what technique did you use? what are your experiences?

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    Be in a state of deep relaxation, the longer the better. Be the observer. Stay still even whilst moving. Listen to your highest thought.
  3. Could you describe the concept of third eye to me?

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  4. I've been working on it
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    It's a hoax. Concentrate on nothing and be nothing.
  6. I was always spiritually driven to understand something, my father explained to me the many religions he followed to find his faith (raised Catholic) and he could never find one.  Now he's a belligerent alcoholic who acts on no remorse for his actions, just keeps drinking.  At numerous points in my life I've had progressively felt stronger sensations of understanding the life around me.  Before any of this happened, I looked at the subject matter and didn't quite entirely grasp it.
    You have to be awake before you can see anything out of your eye.  When you're sleeping your eyes are closed.
  7. can you explain how its a hoax? we all have a pineal gland.
  8. Is it possible to have your third eye opened without realizing it or trying?
  9. You close your eye by believing that other peoples consciousness is separate from yours and open it by doing the opposite.
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    stay infinite

    Stay in school kids.
  12. Very interesting.  Anyone here had their third eye opened / activated?
  13. Life is wierd enough. I just want sum normality.
  14. Close the other 2
  15. Who said your third eye is closed?
  16. Deep
  17. Deep meditation + psilocybin cyanescens mushrooms.
    Even the pineal gland connection is a hoax. Please see an older thread on the subject,the third eye as we knowit in the west is a fabrication, mainly created by Theosophy.
  19. Men have a third eye-right between their legs..I hear it makes them feel great when it's opened. Women like to watch it happen.
  20. My third eyes spews too much shit.

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