The Things Nobody Tells You....

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  1. The ice cream clinging to the underside of the lid is premium shit

    Stealing a fire extinguisher is a felony

    UFO's are fuckin real

    girls do poop
  2. You are suppose to peel bananas from the tip not the steam (plus you get to look like a monkey)
  3. lol @"The ice cream clinging to the underside of the lid is premium shit"
  4. Catgut is not made from cat guts

  5. Wait, what?

    You don't open it from the "stem" side? How the hell do you open it then?

    I refuse to believe this. :poke:
  6. It's true, I saw a video on it. It works so much better if you peel it from the other side.

  7. You're talking about the flat end right? The butthole looking end? The end without the handy-dandy peeling handle?

    You must explain to me how this works, I demand it.
  8. you can go 5 mph over the speed limit and the cops wont pull you over
  9. [ame=]YouTube - Open a Banana Like A Monkey[/ame]
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    this is bullshit, never give the pigs a reason to pull you over.

    i might be a little high but, this made me crack the fuck up.
  11. rofl :)

    pizza rolls and peanut butter are fucking bomb
  12. Haha who struggles with a banana? The easiest of packaged food. What would he do with a prosessed cheese slice?

    That being said, I will call anyone who says they are not going to try this next time they eat a banana a liar.
  13. We control the government

    we don't need oil

    mind control is real

    those pants do make you look fat

  14. I am completely and totally going to try this next time I eat a banana.
    I am very sad that I don't currently have a banana to try it on. :(

  15. Yeah he definitely oversold the process of opening a banana

    I open bananas monkey-style just as a conversation starter
  16. 3rd bit isn't true.

  17. UFO's are totally real.
    People see unidentified flying objects all the time. :p

    Whether or not alien spacecrafts are visiting Earth... that's a whole different story. ;)
  18. if someone cut off your big toe you couldn't walk
  19. Loosing your V card to a hoe, ain't that specail:(

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