The Theory of Plutonians

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  1. Ok fellas so i made a new religion. ok so what if we were all frozen things of blood on pluto and one day they shot us down and on the way down as we were defrosting the last layer was cooled at the last second when it hit the ground. so one day wen we're all civilized the plutonians contact us and say they want us back and are coming for us so we had a verbal conflict but no war was involved but since we cant be involved with him the scientists were paid to call pluto not a planet. so we're all officially plutonians. but we're considered earthians to each other because the only person that knows this is obama and bill gates

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  2. Yeah? Bullshit.
    In what country is your organization recognized as a religion?

    Don't fucking lie to me, i'm a time traveler. I'v seen you die.
  3. I want your weed.
  4. Why where we frozen on pluto? And how does making pluto a planet or not have anything to do with this?
  5. Obama and Bill Gates are both full of snot
  6. ^

    Alex Jones.
  7. You're all racist and disgust me.
  8. The fact that you're not racist disgusts me.
    I approve of your disgust for me.
  10. I disapprove of your approval.
  11. i'm not gonna lie your theory sounds pretty stupid and its scientifically impossible. not the life coming from another planet part but the pluto part. actually scientists believe there could've been another planet in our solar system called Theia between earth and mars that crashed into earth way back when and that may have been where the first cellular life originated. Actually thats the premise of my short film in progress, humanity discovers the other half of the planet that drifted into another solar system with its own evolutionary timeline and call it new theia. Full of all these crazy species like these:

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