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The Test Done on Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bluntsmoker420, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. The doctor who ran and made the test up did it toatally wrong right? Didnt he sufficate the monkeys or w.e. he was using then give em a dose of smoke??

    ANY ONE else herd this before?
  2. are you talking about the LD50 tests done on Monkeys in Australia?
  3. i kno what your talking about...ya they did this test back in the day weed was still leagal at the time. this compony wanted to make weed illeagal just to get there name out there so what they did is took moneys and gave them 100x the dose of on one person would even have. weed doesnt kill brain cells but in this case when your a monky gettin more weed instead of air all the time ya it did kill some brain cell beacuse they did not get anough oxgen in the day. so this compony told the govement and they made it illeagal. and y its not leagal right now is mostly have to do with politics and the econmy..hope that helps latz

  4. Wow the LD50 of marijuana must be through the roof! If it takes 40,000 times the amount it takes to get you high, to kill you, the ld50 would be....wait i guess that would be the LD50.

    You know what else is awesome about weed, the ED50 is nice and low!

    And you know what else is awesome about ganja? It has a hude therapeutic window(LD50/ED50).

    Also, the maximum efficacy is nice and high too!

    Weed is just fuckin' awesome!
  5. What on God's Green Earth is this LD/ED 50 buisness? Educate me! I crave marijuana knowledge!
  6. LD 50: The dosage at which 50% of test subjects die. They
    can only estimate it for pot, because as far as I know, no
    lab has ever been able to kill a test subject yet. At least
    from overdose, anyway.

    ED 50: Not sure about this one, but I believe it to be the
    effective dose for 50% of test subjects.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. and where cand they give me this "ld50" hehehe i wanna be the first human guinea pig

  8. yea thats right

  9. i dont beleive ld50 is a particualr strain: its the amount that they gave the subject to kill it....
  10. thanks for that quick lesson :) ganja knowladge is the greatest .
  11. You are talking about a really old test where they put monkeys in a confined space with a lot of smoke. Smoke being smoke, their brains didn't get enough oxygen and they had severe brain damage.

  12. yep. thats why no one knows the ld50 for cannabis.

    other tests failed on similar grounds. rats suffocating from oils building up in their tiny lungs and passageways. i think some test even tried to get around it by injecting THC into the rats viens!

    -edit- I've seen quite a few different LD50 reports for cannabis. the figures vary wildly, but all are rediculously high. ranging from a few hundred to millions! to put that on an understandable scale... most drugs (alcohol and painkillers etc) will have an LD50 ranging from around 4 to about 40. see why no one ever died from an overdose now? :D -edit-

    also, even if the LD50 finally gets discovered, its still meaningless due to autotitration.


    thats right folks...

    i said Auto-titration


    everyone know that fact too right?

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