the temp is 33 degree Celcius

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  1. hi guys,

    i am growing 4 plants under 400 w Metal halide and 2x48w Cfl Daylight and i have 2 fan. the temp is 33 C . i heard that weed cannot grow under this degree. and i see my plants looking great and healthy. is there a prob with the temp? or it is good unless i see anything wrong with my plants?

    thank u.

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  2. That is too hot (91F). If your plants aren't suffering yet, they will. You want to keep temps below about 85F/29C.

    How close to the plants is that 400w HID? Where within the grow space are you taking temp readings?
  3. the temp inside the growing area i mean directly next to the plants. and the HID is about 30 cm close to the plants. and i can put my hand under the lights on the top of the plant easily and it doesn't hurt.
  4. if it is not good, is there a way to reduce the temp other then airconditioning?
  5. 30cm is very close for that type of light!!
  6. hello mate,

    as has been mentioned, you may not have problems now, but you will do as they grow bigger.

    try to strive for 29c or under.


  7. Whats your ventilation like?
  8. i have 2 fans medium size. the ventilation i think is working good.

    i heard some resources, they said that even if the temp is high, and u have a good ventilation, so it is working. i don't know.. i cant reduce the temp now, i have to wait about a month so the climate change. unless u have another way guys to reduce the temp

    thank u for ur support guys
  9. Ventilation isn't just fans, it's moving air into and out of your grow space. Fans inside an enclosed area will just blow the same hot air around. Do you have intake and exhaust?

    Measure temps at plant-top height directly under the light -- that is what the plants are experiencing. To test temps, you have to hold your hand under the light for 30 seconds to see if it's too hot, not just stick it there for a second or two.
  10. Im also having the same problem. My grow box temp is at 33 max and 29 min and my 3 plants are looking good. I live in a hot country and i cant do anything bout the temp without spending too much money.
  11. If it's 29 degrees outside the grow space then it doesn't really matter what you do, it will never be cooler than 29 degrees inside the grow space. It is incredibly important to have control over your indoor environment and that the intake air is several degrees cooler than you want the grow space to be.

    Try running your lights during the night time when it is cooler. That's the only "no-cost" solution that I can think of. Also, when the temperature is that high ensure that the humidity is also high. While heat and humidity are a perfect combination for mold to establish it is an acceptable risk as high temps and low humidity will literally burn your plant up as she isn't able to keep up with the transpiration rate.
  12. Im having same issue. temp is between 29 min to 34 max. im using 2 23 watts CFL and 2 LED floodlights 70 watts each for 3 plants. i cant bring down the temp without spending too much on a/c. i live in avery hot country.

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