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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Thug-Poet, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. alright so we was smok'n at a hotel we had gotten after prom and one of my friends was rolling a l and all of a sudden the asshole puts the weed in a popcorn box with the dutch guts not realizing cuz he nwas so fucked up. so my boys girl starts cleaning and throws the box away so whenn we get home from the party the weed wus gone. I was so mad i punched a hole in tha fucking wall the size of a prostitutes pussy after a busy weekend ! :(
  2. maybe you should take a break if marijuana related issues make you that angry :smoke:

    sucks that happened though bro, hopefully you get some more soon
  3. Seriously. Lol. Chill man :smoking:
  4. id flip out too, i guess we're just the type of person to do that. :D sucks about the weed though.
  5. I think anyone coming home wanting to smoke some would get really pissed if that shit happened. At least, to me.
  6. i've never punched a hole in a wall.

    sucks that happened, but it's no reason to get so angry.
  7. haha. sorry to laugh but that was one helluva sentence.

    sorry to hear it though
  8. true thug poetry, word gangsta
  9. I kno i would, but that seriously sucks.
  10. Yea that would suck.
  11. how do you know how big a hookers pussy is
  12. Gotta be the best metaphore ever. :D

    But that sucks.
  13. man when i was young i was bi polor and i would get real mad and punch walls good thing my parents walls were made of reenforced concret

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