The "Tell everyone what you love about the City" Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by IglooBuds, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Grasscity as a whole has made my life a lot more fun,
    Not that it wasn't before, but GC has kindof put the icing on the cake (or the
    Hash on the already fat dank bowl) ;)
    I feel as though there is almost a family-like connection between all of us!

    I love Pick-up threads,
    and the Apprentice questions,
    as well as Pandora's always exciting topics...

    So tell me blades, what is it that you love most about GC?
  2. Honestly, it's a great time occupier when i don't have weed.
  3. I love all the cool people that will answer my questions and put up with my highness and rambles sometimes :D
    I love all the information in the growing section and I also love knowing when I stop being so lazy, I'll have people that will help me through growing my own!! :yay:
  4. Enjoy your roll, friend.

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