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    Lately I've had this idea about people among us, who may have figured out much higher levels of existence than the average Joe.

    I conceptualize someone who is both, very intelligent, and has figured out how to free him or herself from mainstream society's constraints.
    They have no boss, no shortage of money, are free at all time to do whatever they want, and most importantly, they are actually genius. A high level mind, free to do whatever it wants.

    What is that life like? What do they do every day?
  2. To be honest it’s fun for awhile but after that I figured out everyone else is at work all day so I get bored.

    Besides that, there’s not many that can help me solve my math problems. There’s only a few of us out there.


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  3. Was it Tim Leary or the Beatles who said "take a trip but never leave your room" paraphrasing here from the 60's... i would bet there are many more than you would think.... artists of all types, spiritual types, inventors... a lot of mountain people hidden away...
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  4. Isn't that a recipe for rustic bread?
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  5. Give me a ton of money and ill let ya know

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    We're obviously familiar with the known genii, like Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking, for example.

    We know what those people are doing with their time. We're "keeping tabs" on what they're doing publicly, but that's because we know those people, as they have decided to live public lives.

    I've been wondering about the more reclusive types. The ones who do not have to cater to shareholders or other professors/scientists, but are still free and able to do whatever they want, for extended periods of time.

    I wonder what rabbit holes they got to explore in their personal lives.


    The reason I care, is because I realize that these types would be more likely to access some really strange and non-mainstream points of view. Points of view, that they then get to entertain further.

    As Elon Musk recently proved, the high mainstream figures still have lords they need to appeal to, meaning they can only act-in and release statements that cater to the mainstream approved status quo of opinion.

    The Super Hermits have no such restrictions.
    What do they do with their time, and what conclusions and discovers have they reached?
  7. Lockheed hires all the savants, prolly why we never see what those types can do, they are around other suns and have cloaking

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  8. I like that phrase. It encompasses what I've been talking about.
  9. The problem is you’d never know - unless they went public.

  10. Closer than you think? ;)
  11. Money is not needed to do this, like that guy who traveled the world with no money, working for a bed and food wherever he went and was happy. I have done this but it's a very hard lifestyle to continue, because constantly people and societal pressures are combating you, trying to get you to conform, get in line, and do what the herd does. It can be very lonely and finding like minded people who are awake can be tough

    you always have interesting threads man
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  12. I had an uncle.
    He was a genius. Nuclear physics. Worked for the federal government. All top secret stuff.
    He had money to do what he wanted when he wanted.
    Loved fly fishing, upland bird hunting, all the outdoors.
    Married with 2 wonderful, smart daughters. Owned properties in several states.
    Passed away at 56 years old. 15 years ago. Congenital heart disorders. Just a regular guy that I miss very much.
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  13. Super hermits are the neckbeards of thier times.
  14. You mean neckbeards who eventually grew into super hermits and thus entered their real time.

    No one is "in their time" while they're a neckbeard :smoke:

    If anything, neckbeardism is the cocoon to the next, more perfect form the person will take.
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  15. I know a couple people that might throw a monkey wrench in that theory.
    R/ justneckbeardthings is a pretty funny subreddit acually.
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  16. Neckbeard, I've never heard that term before.
    I had to look it up.
    Neckbeard (slang) - Wikipedia

    My kid is a neckbeard.
    Don't really know if I'm sad or not....

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