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The stretch

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ri$hard, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. simply put,

    How long on average does the stretch
    Period last after switching from 18-6 to 12/12?

    I have experienced significant growth over past 10 days.

    Thanks in advance for the advise!!
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  2. 2 weeks is about the average. Depends on strains too. A near pure sativa seems like they never do stop stretching.
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  3. From week two to week four in my experience. So a couple of weeks altogether. Then at week 5 height gain pretty much stops
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  4. 10/4, I actually noticed a significant difference starting second week of flowering. Also more nutrient uptake.
    Thanks for info
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  5. The flowering period is about 40% stretch and 60% fattening up the buds so the length of stretch depends on the total flowering time of a strain but is generally over in about 3 weeks for your average 9 week strain.

    I monitored the ppm drop in my DWC grows to find they could eat up to 4X as much during the stretch and the end of stretch could be seen by how the daily ppm drop went back to pre-flowering levels. It's quite dramatic.

    It's a huge growth spurt so the best time to hit them with extra light, nutes, heat and CO2 if you have it. Even burning a candle in the grow room gets CO2 ppm levels up to 1500 in a half hour if the exhaust fan isn't sucking it all out so set it's thermostat to 90F before it kicks in and watch those buggers go!
  6. Well maybe my next grow, for now I was concerned about height. Seems like there growing over night 2-3” crazy and drink water/nutrients like crazy. (Which is cool)
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