The Strangest Place Your Dick Has Ever Been

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Finger My Urethra, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Questions pretty straight forward, i'll start.

    The hole of a frozen bagel.
  2. the hole of a tissue paper roll (it didn't all the way in though so idk if it counts due to technicality)
  3. Here we go.....
  4. En tu madre
  5. In a vagina.

    I dont stick my dick in weird places, im nice to that guy.
  6. A hole where the doorknob was missing

    A warm apple pie
  7. Your girlfriend's mouth
  8. Inside a Peach Ring Candy.
  9. A rotating bicycle tire
  10. a bag of fuzzy peaches... i didn't like the owner, but i took a few fuzzies before i did the dirty. i wish i coulda trimmed my arse hairs into it, time was against me. :devious:
  11. Through the bottom of a popcorn bucket me and the Mrs. went to see Titanic when we was kids.
  12. I have a feeling this thread is going to be disturbingly interesting,
    Cum on guys don't let me down!:laughing:
    Sub'd for further insight and giggles :smoking:
  13. probably a tangerine rofl.

    i laughed so hard when this thread reminded me of that.
  14. Haven't read ONE word in this thread but I feel a big WIN from this! I, as a girl, have always wondered!
  15. Umm, the back of a dragon tales doll (don't worry, I was 5). It was the one with two heads.
  16. One of those squishy tube toys that have glitter and shit in them. I went soft and it got pinched :( I was about 8 at the time.

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