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    So this story starts yesterday, around 11am when me and my friends left college after enrolling onto our 2nd year, we decided we wanted to get high so we went to the local head shop and bought some mango blunt wraps :p. For the next couple of hours we got mildly baked and decided to go our seperate ways. Later that day, the dude that i live close to decides that we should get high (again) so I go over to his house and we pack a real fat blunt, and this thing fucks me up, when I get home I'm tripping the fuck out in my bed, im hallucinating shit for about an hour, it was like these weird shapes/lights on the ceiling, i was like 'holllly shiiiit' but anyway I wake up today at about 3pm, and when I walk out my door my mum stops me and says my friends dad knew we were smoking in his room (which we were remember, except we went to his sisters room to smoke but w/e). Now my mother is saying shit like 'i thought you knew better than your sister/brother, do you know you can die from it, maybe you should move out' which kinda shocked me and kinda didnt at the same time, I knew we would get found out a some point but w/e. My dad isnt home yet and I dont know what hes gonna say :(.

    That's my story.

    p.s - i turn 19 in a month.
  2. That sucks dude. Hopefully you'll be able to smooth it over.
  3. My dad just got home, I'll post after.
  4. Dun dun death...:confused:
  5. :confused::confused::confused::confused:he hasnt "posted after" and its been a month

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