The Story Of Your First High

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  1. I had never done any drug period until i was 22 years old, i'm now 32. I cared not to ever smoke or do any drug ever. although my mom smoked bud my whole life, it just wasn't appealing to me.
    so i walk into my buddy's house and he runs to me smiling "i made some weed cookies"
    now my friend doesn't smoke, and he's a notorious lier. so i just tell em to shut the hell up and continiue on about my visit. few minutes later i start feeling a little hungry. "hey let me get a cookie man i'm starvin" buddy says "ok, but you gone get high lol" i tell him to shut up and grab a cookie and eat it up. very good cookie, had m&m's in it
    about 10 minutes later i tell him "can i have another one?" buddy says "lmao no bro, there weed cookies"
    I once again laugh and tell him to shut the hell up truly not beleiving him because he is a compulsive liar.
    about a hour later, all of a sudden, the sky dropped down to the top of my head. and i'm thinking, ooh shit, those were actually weed cookies. i yell at my friend "BRO!! THOSE ARE REALLY WEED COOKIES??" my buddy lhao "lmao i told you bro"
    The next thing you know i'm sitting in a chair, and all i'm doing is thinking about whats happening to me. my buddy is cutting his older friends hair and all of a sudden, i hear myself talking. and i'm thinking, what the hell am i saying. so i stopped and listened and i was talking shit to the guy in the chair. i immediatly shut my mouth and in a paranoid state, walked away to the couch.
    Now my other buddy was playing video games. the game looked sooo real omg!!! lol
    So i look at myself and afraid that everyone notices i'm high start making sure i look normal. from this point on, everything my buddy said was so funny that i was on the floor in tears laughing. since he ate a cookie also, he's on the floor with me laughing.
    Later we get hungry and want to go to jack in the box. but i kid you not, i lost the map in my head!
    i've been going to this jack in the box for 10 years and know the area like the back of my hand. but i had no clue how to get there.
    My buddy guides me to the spot, and as we pull up some guy is up against the wall of the jack in the box building. after i order my food, the guy walks up to my window and says "can i have some money?" i yell no and drive up to the window fast. i kid you not the guy walks back up to my window
    Now i'm high for the first time ever on two cookies and paranoid to death. i pull out my gun from under my seat and point it at the guy thinking he's trying to rob me and yell "Get away from me before i shoot yoou!!!!!" he runs off saying "i just wanted some money!!!"
    In our state we can legaly carry a firearm with a license wich i do have. we leave and go back home and the high starts coming down. horrible comedown, all i can do is lay down on the couch and pray.
    right before i go to sleep my buddy who warned me says "yea you dont got yourself into some shit you cant get out of huh?"
    i tell em "fuck you" and dose off to sleep.
    True story!!!
    lets hear em

  2. Pretty funny story I like it lol btw first time I got High my experienced friend helped me a lot
  3. i wish i had some help. only help i had was guiding me to the place i shoulda known  how to get to lol
  4. Ahn mate, thats why smoke weed in nature
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    First time i got really high was about a year ago
    my brothers friend texted me asking if i wanted to come to a party, and since i was trying to be more social i went, they gave me a bunch of cones and by the 3rd one i found out they were putting tobacco into it
    i felt a bit insulted so i decided to leave, id been there for about 10 minutes
    the walk home usually takes about 10 minutes but by the moment i left this house i felt something was up and the walk felt like 40 minutes, on the way i thought i was being followed by 2 black guys and it turned out to be a caucasian couple and by the time i reachd my street i thought i was seeing dead bodies in the bushes

    once i got home i ate and drank a bunch of things and tested my new senses, i forgot about that until now, since im also high
  6. That level of highness wow its amazing
  7. Yeah i havent been that high since then but i guess it was the mix of the weed, tobacco, and being in public alone

    i think ill try getting that stoned again
  8. I'd smoked a few times before I got properly high, all with the same guy. He's a very good friend of mine. Anyway, I had just split with my girlfriend, been with her a few years. Things at home weren't great, either, so I was pretty pissed off and depressed.
    Anyway, we played football (soccer for American readers) one night in a 5-a-side league, and then left. It was about 11pm or so, and he had work the next day at 6am. He knew I was pretty down though, and offered to smoke us both up. We quickly drove back to his house, grabbed this little portable DVD player, a copy of Talladega Nights, and went back to his car. We ended up in this little secluded spot, behind some garages. Anyway, the couple of times before he'd just roll one and that was that, this time he rolled 3. We smoked them while watching the film, and I didn't feel anything. I was thinking "Great, what a waste. Maybe this isn't for me..." but after 3 minutes or so, he turned and said something to me and I saw his mouth moving, but what came out was pure gibberish. It literally sounded like a different language. I was just staring at him, and I didn't have a clue what was going on. A few minutes later I saw a cat jump on a fence and sit on it, looking over at us, and I genuinely thought it was Batman, or some kind of copycat. It was dark, late, and in public, so I was starting to get a little freaked out. He wanted to go to bed anyway at this point, so we left before I got really paranoid. That was that, I suppose. Nothing bad happened, and I was with a good friend in a semi-decent environment, so yeah, good times! :smoke:
    I remember hitting up McDonalds drive-thru afterwards, before he went home, and I've never enjoyed a meal as much as I did that night. 
  9. I was 17 the first time i got really high. There some rocky hills near my campus, so i went with a friend who had promised to smoke 1 blunt with me, i was damn nervous but i contined anyway. I remember caughin like shit cause i felt it literaly go down my lungs and all... We just sat there on a huge rock and watchd the sunset (no homo), it wasnt till then i felt smthng, then everythng turned bright, like all colours were just extra happy... At this point i was damn scared amd told him we should head back to campus. I swear i couldnt stand up, and that scared the living shit out of me, i felt like i had no knees...
    On our way back we pasd his pals house and he started smking anathor blunt, not wanting to look like a pussy i took few more hits.. As soon as we left that place i swear, i couldnt hear what the f' he was saying, i started walking and seeing shit in slow-mo... I was too scared to even tke suppa at the cafeteria so i bought sme snacks and ran to bed.. I was so damn scared but as time went on i became calm and usd to...
  10. I will try the same its fun actually ;)
  11. hotbox. On free slurpee day at 7/11.
    Needless to say hippie kid was quite throwed
  12. first time i got high i think was back in 9th or 10th grade we hotboxed a friend's car.  not sure if i inhaled right at first but needless to say all that smoke with the windows up got me really high.  we were in a mcdonalds parking lot haha after we smoked we went in and ate so much food and laughed at pretty much everything haha good times
  13. First time I got high was from some cannabiscuit cake I made. I watched the same film 3 times because I forgot to concentrate
  14. Toked up with some of my best friends at the time, we were smoking some purple kush and I was trying it for the first time to fit in, ended up loving herb. I remember playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and I was fighting with some mob guys that were chasing me constantly. After that I looked outside and noticed a tree's leaves had all fallen off and were just sitting at the bottom of the tree, I felt bad for the tree and wanted to glue each and every leaf back on the tree lol
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    My first time we got in a buddies suburban 6 people deep and rolled out to a subdivision in construction. Friend whips out his sick spoon and gets the rotation going. My first hit i try and say "i'm not getting any :confused:" Then they laugh and inform me i need to hold the carb. Since the first time i got no smoke i figured i had to pull hard to get some, boy was i wrong! I got slammed by a huge cloud of smoke that made me see stars. Breathed it out of a sploof out the window and thought "man this is alot of fun!". So we finish the eighth pack up our stuff and head for school. On the way there i blacked out and awoke to my friends telling me we were at school.
    It was like i woke up in another world. My body buzz and my backpack had me just perplexed as to what i was feeling. We walk in the front doors to the cafeteria and i see my buddy and other friends at a table. He goes to high five me and for some reason i SLAPPED the living shit out of him almost knocking him out of the chair which we all died laughing at. So we get up to the line to buy some munchies from the school store and at this point everything was 2d to me like paper mario. I get up and it's my turn i took a few minutes to order :laughing: and when i went to pay i forgot how to pay! next thing i know i feel something around my neck and i freak out ripping it off realizing it was my ID card which we use to buy food with so i played it off like it was on purpose swiped my card :metal: then devoured my snacks with my buddies before the bell rang.
    First period was great i was touching the cold desk and loving the feel and texture. About half way through class i feel that weird snake like object around my neck and rip it off and throw it across the room like it was poisonous. I was just staring at it with a bewildered face and everyone stops and looks at me like WTF? :laughing: i calmly went picked it up without a word while looking all of them in the eyes sat down and went to sleep :metal:
  16. The first time I used cannabis was 16.  I had been curious about intoxicants for months and had been on a binge using a particular OTC unmentionable every other day for a month (looking back, I could have really fucked my brain up) and was currently fucked up on it at the time while I was at work at Hardee's.  Now the manager that was there that day was pretty cool and it was nearing the end of my shift (I was still damn fucked up) when another employee comes in who was replacing me and asked if I wanted to go out back and smoke a joint.  So my manager didn't give a shit and I went out back with him behind the dumpster and we lit one up.  I was then really fucking high.  I asked if he would sell me his last j, and he didn't want to because it was his last one.  I finally offered him 20 bucks for it and he let me buy it.  Eh, looking back it was a bad deal, but I really didn't give a shit at the time nor do I now.  Started a very good relationship with my bitch Mary Jane.
  17. well first time i smoked i didnt get high and we went to watch Ted, i was thinking wow i must be a beast and im immune, my mind is too strong for this shit lol.

    Next time me and my friend went with our room mate to his boys, he had a big bong, i hit that and man i was so high lol, first time ever...i started talking to my room mate's friend and said " Hey you're from St. Augustine right? I went there on a field trip in 9th grade."
    After a bit we left and when we were walking out, some of the people in the house, their other friends were walking in and said " hi" to my room mate...i said " High?? She knows we're high hahahahahahaha"

    We went back to campus. And i honestly felt like I was in Pallet town from Pokemon, i though i was in the game, and everything felt Pokemon-ish..and we went back and ate Pizza...and when me and my boy were sleeping...we shared a room

    It was his first time being high too...we were talking and then a few seconds later i said " what were we talking about???" he says " i dont know" and we just kept talking about how we didnt know what we were talking about before hahahah such a fun night......

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