the story of my recent events (fucked up beyond belief)

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  1. alrite, i'll start off with i am a stoner, i love pot, everything about it, i've read grow books, i spend about 90 percent of my life stoned/learning more about pot i know everything pretty much. but my story starts out as me a depressed person i had smoked pot occasionaly to be cool i guess and never realy got into it. in 8th grade a stupid bullshit deal went down and i was kicked outta my school for not having any pot on me just wanting to buy it. i found an alternative school that is full of pot heads thats when me and my friend who was at boarding school at the time would start to smoke together when he came back. then one day my friend was in trouble at school and gave me a half ounce for free. thats when i fell in love with pot i would take the whole sack get all the seeds and stems out and just roll joints and smoke them alone. then i started reading about pot more and more and gettin into the whole culture. time passed and i was smoking regs usaly by myself just gettin through life with no drama. one night at my friends apartment i was with a guy i knew from the school i had left, nathan he posts here too. we smoked a shitload of pot for us that night and went out for some munchies and were picked up by the cops. no charges or anything were brought against us, but we were fingered printed because some people were playing with fireworks in the same area. then nathan and i started hanging out buying sacks together we spent four twenty together and met our dealer that day. we would buy like 2 8ths a day sometimes, i forgot to mentioin thats when we started smoking DANK NUGS. so we went on smoking being high all the time, i wasnt sober my whole 2nd semester at my school and had pretty much straight A's. He and i then started sling HPs of some pretty decent mids. we were fucking loaded we made a shitload of money with that. so a couple months went by and we toked got high the usal stuff. then i went to michigan where i have a summer house. i had some badass durban posion that time and i hooked up with the girl jackie who i'm now crazy about. me and her and like the perfect match its unbelieable. so we spent about 3 amazing weeks together and she had to go back to her town. i stayed up there and was outta pot. i met this dude on the beach and burned a joint with him and i went to his hotel room and then to a party to buy some pot, we got his number and called him a few days later, we were buyin a 60 sack off him when we had to front the money and meet him back in an hour, alot of bullshit happened and he ripped us off and i almost got a felony for a drive by(not something i normaly would do i'm very peacefull and smart but i was semi doing it for a girl) so i had to leave town the next day to not be arrested. when i got back my parents had strict rules down for me. i continued to be high all the time and it was great. BTW my parents had known about me smoking i flat out told them and gave THEM a speech of how harmless it was. then after a while they said i was under serveilence by the police for dealing. i didnt believe them but i was scared into stopping smoking, thats when i got into cocaine because it would barely show up in my system. i was becoming a real coke head, then one day i did a teener and a dub sack in a couple hours and the next day my parents tested me. i swore i would never do it again and stayed clean for a couple weeks and then one day did one bump when i got home i was tested. me and nathan my best friend decided our lives were worthless and we were goin to run away, we had the best plan that realy should have worked. but after my last drug test that was positive for coke i started doin it every day. then me and nathan left and our runaway plan didnt work at all, our computers must have been monitored cuz we were caught fast. then i started goin to more counsling and was recently put on anti depressants which are starting to help. i had 20 days of sobriety and one day was depressed and said fuck it i was with my friend, his borther who is in college and he has some purple hydro, i took one hit outta a 22 inch chong and blacked out it was amazing. i was sober for a about a week after that and started smoking occasional again. then one day i was offered coke and had such a hard time turning it down i was freaking out. theres this katherine girl now at my school that i realy wanna fuck and she wants to fuck me but i hesitate because of all the drama she would bring into my life. she also wants to roll with me, and shes giving me free acid but i'm worried it may make me crazy, i'm realy a very intelligent person. but my family life is gettin so bad i've decided to let my parents think i have a drug problem so i am goin to rehab to a place where that girl jackie is near so i can get away from my family and see her once a week. i just found out that she was raped like last night and thats realy fucking with my head, she also has a 20 yearold coke dealer that wants her dead. so i'm realy worried about her. my family life was already fucked up and just recently i found a list of about 53 girls names with phone numbers and descriptions like college cutie, porno queen. all in my dads handwriting i'm affraid hes cheating on my mom. i dont know what to do with it. i got a lot racing through my mind right now and i have alot of advice to give people and i'd like people to just post any comments you may have about my story. its probaly jumbled so i'd be happy to clear up any questions you might have
  2. Damn! I'll be back to post a response to this later. Gotta let it all soak in. That was a shitload of info there. But don't worry man, no matter how bad it gets yuo can always remember that eventually it will get better. So keep your head up even though it's pretty tough sometimes.
  3. All I can say is keep your eye on the day you'll be 18! Until then, hang in there, look within yourself and find the strength you need to make it. And drop in here, we'll try to make ya smile ;)

    The only actions you can control are your own. Everything else you have to let go of and realize that it will all work out sooner or later, the tunnel might seem dark now, but there will be a light eventually, there always is...unless you give up...

    But we won't let ya do that either ;)
  4. Sounds like bs propaganda you see at anti drug sites. He couldn't smoke weed so he became a hardcore coke addict? yeah right. If this isn't bullshit he, at the very least, isn't all too bright.

  5. I've actually known a few people in similar situations when I was younger and in a locked-down psych center myself....

    yup, I'm a looney least my folks thought I was as a teenager...
  6. Perhaps I shouldn't have focused on what he said as much as why he would tell a bunch of people he doesn't know about all the intimate details of his life. Despite the fact that it does sound like the kind of 'personal acount' of drug use that you see in a lot of anti drug propaganda (predominently on the internet), apparently he knows someone here (that Nucan guy, he mentioned it in another thread) which lends him a bit of credibility. Though I hesitate to question this person's judgement in any case I shouldn't critisize just because I haven't experienced something like this myself. If you are serious solarsinsemilla, then the best advice I can give you is to either stop smoking weed (or anything else) until you're 18, or keep doing it and lock yourself in your room until you can run away. I'd choose the former.

  7. Very good KraziHare!! I commend you for this post!
  8. I'm completely sincere with my whole story i'm not gunna go around saying this to sound cool or to say pots bad if somebody got that from my post, i only had my run in with cocaine because i am depressed and was self medicating with pot and when that wasnt an option i turned to a harder cure, even though i knew then coke wasnt a good drug to abuse i still did it. i'm also not lookin for pity or anything this is just a forum i can express my feelings and get honest feed back. i have a very unique (atleast where i live) adittude, i am completely honest about my feelings and open to everyone, i dont hide what i am thinking for political correctness. I also tried the being sober and locking myself in my room and i did it till my mind starting goin off thinking, and i thought why the fuck not i might as well get fucked up i only live once. i could benefit society but this isnt the society i want to benefit.
  9. all I can say is being a teenager sucks....but it doesn't last forever.....18 and you're out the door and can do what you want and fuck anyone who doesn't like it.....

    Hare - I think he came here to vent because he has no one to talk to that would do anything but berate him about his drug use when what he really is searching for is some support and a little friendly advise.... so he sounds like an antidrug ad, all the more reason to advise him on how to get his shit together and stick to the green and brush off the white, ya know?

    just my opinion, but I know people who have been in situations like him and it sucks. Severely oppresive parents are part of the reason why the teenage suicide rate is so high.

  10. Listen to Mrs. D, she knows what she is talking about.
  11. I have 4 kids man.....and I would never, ever, want a single one of them to feel a 1/10th of how shitty this dude feels....

    hanging out here reminds me of why I chose to be an openminded parent and when my kids reach their teenage years they are going to learn about alcohol, smoking, drugs, all that shit at home, not on the street...shit, they're gonna try it anyways, I'd rather they be safe and educated by us, who can help them sort through the bullshit and make their own decisions....

  12. You're a great parent Mrs. D. There needs to be more like ya out there!!
  13. the only times now i'm happy is when i'm high, and marijuana is great, i've been smoking purple hydro covered in crystals. so i hope everyone knows this is not an anti drug ad. SMOKE POT WHENEVER YOU WANT TO. I understand you gotta be a little untrusting in posts, because of all the "idiots" that post stories to sound cool to people that dont know or whatever. and i have lied before on the internet just about stupid stuff but i wouldnt put this much effort in decieving people i dont know. my rehab date is dec 9 but it could be moved to the 14th, either way i'm ready to go, not ready for rehab but ready to get outta my house. i still havent confronted my dad about the list i found. i'm wonder how this will effect my mom and my 5 year old brother. before i thought of them i was thinking how i could blackmail my dad into givng me alot of drug money but when i think about it i have shame for thinking that. I'd also like to say thanks for this forum to get what i have to say off my chest in an non phycatrist environment. well i'm stoned i'm gunna toke some more and forget my feelings, i'm gunna post a badass optical illusion for everybody when i get all my cordination back. BTW my typeing skills are amazing i havent made one error and my arms are shaking and i'm high thats why i typed that last sentence and this one.
  14. im sorry if im going to sound not like a friend at your time of crises, but dont do coke, and get new friends that is only potheads, i did allmost any drug you can name and pot is the only drug of perfect choice.
  15. i hate depression... i went to a shrink a few years back for it... she wasn't much help. if you don't wanna be depressed, stop focusing so much on about what sucks in your life, and try to think a lot more about what's good. even if it's not a lot, there's always someone out there who has less, ya know?

    hell... i have oppressive parents, a shitty home life, etc. but i also have so much to be thankful for.... friends who care, a roof over my head, food in my stomach, etc. so ya see... it's really how you look at things.

    i'm not trying to complain or go on about my life... just trying to make a point.

    i guess my advice to you is stay away from the harder drugs. don't do acid (if it's even real), mainly because you don't sound too strong mentally, and that can really mess with you if you're not. not saying you're not smart, but LSD's a very powerful drug, and can easily mess you up more if you're mind can't handle it... there's nothing really wrong with smoking weed, but there's nothing wrong with being sober at times too. there's just times when people need a clear head, ya know?

    hope this helped some. if ya ever need a little encouragement or whatever, there's pleanty of really cool people here at the city to help ya out ;)
  16. heres the solution as I see it( personal opinions).

    1. approach your father and confront him with the names, tell him you will stop doing coke and getting in trouble, if they stop testing you and he stops doing what he was doing( women in this case).

    2. the surefire trick to depression ( for me) Get a job and work as much as possible, then you dont have time to think about how shitty life is and when you dont work you can afford to buy what you want. Dont rush into things with women just because youre single. If you dont think she is perfect for you, odds are whatever you will do you will regret.
    Thats how STD's are passed as well as pregnancies ( what the hell, I dont like her but its a free fuck right kinda attitude.)
    And last but not least, Get friends that only smoke pot, and are devoted, Not losers or people that screw you over or mooches as we calll em here, even just 1-2 good stoner buddies is all you need.
  17. the only thing i can think of that might clear up any of this shit is that you dont have to have a shitty life to be depressed, i mean i really have everything i could've ever wanted, i think i have everything i want, i can get lots of girls that i want (im not gods gift to women or anything, but if i work on em i get em, i have a real awesome personality) and i was still depresed throughout my entire teenage life, not sure why but i just was, eveyone gets depressed, some more extreme than other but all i can say is that i always looked at the bright side of things, a tried to think as positive as i could and i got through it, im now 19 and going to university in Alberta and loving ti soo much... trust me anyone, look at the positive of things and everything will evertually lead that way.
  18. hold up...waaaait

    smoke weed every day.
  19. when ur down just dont some stupid shit coz if u think ur not gonna regret it, your wrong and cocaine is just real poison, i knew a friend that hit his mom because he needed money for coke, skipped school, stole money from his mother and that is as bad as u can go.
    at first he did only weed, but then it became stronger and more dangerous. he then was sent off to holland to check himself and went to rehab, it got better after a while and now he is back and working for a big company here. he only got through this because of his friends he had...

    now i score weed from him hehe and that shit is strong...he also gives me advice on not to do other drugs but only weed and not even try to expirement coz that can also have it's effects...
  20. damn i miss that guy, i cant wait till he gets out of rehab. shit, i should proly send him a letter...damnm, thats a good idea.

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