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Discussion in 'General' started by phunkyphil, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. okay, heres the game- we all have to tell a story, but youre only allowed to post 5 words at a time.. and no posting 10 ten times in a row either :)

    ill start:

    once apon a time, there..

    now someone else posts! bakedness is preferred, of course :smoking:
  2. was a guy named phunkyphil....
  3. ..who had a strange habit..
  4. of lighting fires at will...

    (I didn't mean to rhyme that it just came out)
  5. ..he went to the supermarket..
  6. told him that he could...:)
  7. ..move to mexico and buy..
  8. many green happy chihuahuas and...
  9. weed and a blow-up doll.....
  10. then the sun blew up....
  11. phunkphil wondered: "is this it?"
  12. so to clear his mind...
  13. he lit up a fatty...
  14. and took some killer hits..
  15. then because he was horny...
  16. ..he had hot monkeysex with..
  17. me!!!canadianchick!!!all night long :)
  18. oops did i submit that??
  19. wait, i thought the sun blew up? :)

    ok whatever, phunkyphil and canadianchick have hot steamy monkeysex all night long in mexico with the green chihuahuas and the blow up doll stuffed under the bed, and then the sun blows up and kills everyone. the end! haha that was the coolest story ever :smoking:

    lets start again, but now you can type a whole sentence.. this should be double the fun. and for those who arent good with numbers, thats a fuck of a lot of fun!
    err, no paragraph sentences though.. k here goes:

    once apon a time, there was a man who decided that he needed to have some fun, so he dropped 100 hits of acid.
  20. and when to his job at the amusment park

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