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Discussion in 'General' started by XZit, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Ok well I'm relitivly new to the whole pot smoking stoner shiz...
    but I'm still very unfamilar with the "slang" of a stoner

    So could you please tell me the definitions for a few words?

    Heres a couple word examples of what I'm talking about:
    Doobie? Dub? Midbud? Shwag?
    I know theres more--
    help me out here...

    Theres also names for different things to smoke out of to correct? (slang words--like "steam roller") are there any words out there for shit like this to?

    Anyhow any help would be great!

  2. Google it.
  3. Moving to general..
  4. actually a dub is an amount of weed that costs $20.
  5. Choke = Carb
    Bowl = spoon, or metal pipe
    J = Joint
    L= blunt
    Dank = high grade weed = chronic (chronic in some parts of the u.s. can mean weed with coke on top of it, ex. when Dr. dre is talking about chronic he is talking about weed with coke on top of it also called cocopuffs)
    Schwag = dirt = low quality pot
    Mids = middies = midgrade pot
    Steamroller is a type of smoking device like bubbler, bong, crackablaster, pipe, spoon, etc.

    thers tons more but if you google it or use alot of them i have read i have never heard used different parts of the world use different termanology(sp) like lift and elavator or chips and frenchfries, etc.
  6. you would be suprised the MANY differnt meanings....

    bowl: glass/metal bong bowl, glass/metal pipe, a small amount of weed in one bud.
    Carb: aka rush, the hole in a bong/pipe to clear all smoke out
    Shwag: often shitty weed looked down apon most stoners
    mids: decent weed
    super: high quality weed
    dub: 2 grams or weed
    dime: 1 gram of weed
    halfy: half ounce of weed
    zip: Ounce of weed
    doobie Aka joint ( old school word for joint, me thinks)

    thats all i kno for now, im tired...good night friends

  7. how do u know this
  8. I've also heard that before, but had no solid evidence that it was true. To me, and many other, if not all East coast people, chronic is either a name for nice trees or trees in general.
  9. I think i heard it when they were interviewing him(maybe it was shug or snoop), buy the first chronic CD i think there might be some refrences to chronic being weed with coke on top. It's generally used now to to say if it is good weed though.

  10. o please please indulge as to what a crackablaster is! :D lol

    In the 4 years of me smoking (i know, it ain't that long) I've never heard of a crackablaster.... lol, that name cracks me up
  12. /grins Evily

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