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The Stonerlympics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Loner Stoner, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Okay, so I just got done getting baked and turned on the TV to see the Olympics. I think I was dazing in and out of reality but I had like these images of the Stonerlympics. What events would you guys like to see in the stonerlympics?

    I came up with a few:

    Event: Biggest Bong Rip (Judging based on volume/potency smoke)
    Event: Stamina (Find the most potent strain/ who can take the most hits before giving up)
    Event: Lungs of Steel (Find a strain that makes you cough/ who can hold the hit the longest without coughing)

    I'm so baked right now. But humor me and see if you come up with anyother events... And yes this thread goes here, cuz to compete in the games you would have to be a veteran smoker.
  2. ahahaahha!! That would be the fucking coolest thing ever.

    there could be an event where you get 30 seconds, a nice bong and a nicely packed bowl of green and all you do is smoke tricks. French inhale, smoke rings, etc.

    BLAZIN!! :smoke:
  3. we could feasibly do this contest via video clips (on youtube, or something, via anonymous accounts).

    of course, we'd have to eliminate the strain shit since probably not two people can can get the same strains no problem.

    biggest bong rip would work
    best smoke O's
    french inhale

    not sure what else
  4. who can smoke the most blunts etc. who can roll the best. who can hold there hits the longest.
  5. Should do this at the cannabis cup.
    Dont forget joint&blunt rolling comps.
    1st place should get a GonG bong and everybody up to 10th place gets a blunt wrap and some zig zags.
  6. I love stoners... we are a creative people, lol.

    We would have to do something with homegrown plants. A lot of people have some awesome stuff growing out there that we don't even know about...
  7. i think high times has this thing called the world stoner games
    i think this is the link for it:

    so hey maybe you were right about your Olympics idea
  8. Who can stay in a constantly filling hotbox the longest.
    Who can roll the most smokable joints/blunts in a certain amount of time.
    Who can go to the store and get drinks and munchies for everyone the fastest.
  9. my friends and i always hold the hookalympics every april 20th
  10. best rolled joint/blunt best harvest(done before contest bring in final results maybe)
  11. You must go to subway and order 4 different sandwiches for 4 people and not mess up what they wanted on said sandwich, most accurate wins.

    Also who can design the most interesting GB, And the upside down pipe rip.
  12. snychronized toking
  13. Hahahhahaa, i used to be in this youth movement (don't know what u guys call it i just literally translated from dutch) when i was a kid an we did something called the hippie olimpycs.
    We had all kinds off crazy disciplines like instead off discus throwing we had beertray throwing, in stead off pole vault we jumped over a little creeck aided by sticks and so on.

    Not quite anything to do with weed but the title off this thread made me think about it and i kinda touhht it was worthwile sharing.
  14. Unrelated, but anyone ever hear of the Lunesta Olympics?

    Get a group of friends. Everyone take a Lunesta and wait an hour, then have a sober friend drive you out to someplace that you all know. By this point you should barely be able to think much less stand, the idea being whoever gets back to the original location first wins. Keeping in mind you literally fall asleep at least two or three times on the way there.
  15. The thing is and I hate to sound like a jerk, but these events would just be too easy. After awhile you just begin to learn your body, some people never do because they are just too stupid but for smarter long time tokers this won't be too hard of a task. I see some of these people around me (by that I mean people who I'm around because they are friends with my friends) who talk about throwing up from smoking out of bongs and shit. That just comes from not knowing your body. Perfect example of this yesterday. I'm around a bunch of strangers, my girlfriend and one friend. This girl looks at me and says "His eyes are so red" to that my girlfriend retorts "There always like that". Which is right, my eyes usually are red. Not from being high or allergies or anything it's just how my eyes look. Their conversation seemed foreign to me. My friend and that girls boyfriend seemed to be at odds with each other, so there was a lot of tension and you could see how both of the two people had a front up, acting totally different then they were. So these people are all trying to take huge rips off the bong. I have no idea how that ended up being the reaction from the situation. A love for weed and knowledge of your body will always allow for you to smoke as much as you want. When the bong was handed to me, I actually ended up getting a weird reaction from these people hitting the bong. They were like holy shit, simply for the fact that I ripped the bong for about 15 seconds and added on 5 seconds everytime someone told me "You might want to lift that slide". The first time everyone was shocked and they were all shocked when I actually held my hit to. When I exhaled a ton of smoke without a cough I got another awe. My girlfriend just smiled because this is our typical hits. My girlfriend rips a bong to. I hit it so long the second time people questioned me until I exhaled. This simply comes from people putting bong hitting on a pedestal simply for the fact that they don't know there body.

    As for as stamina, that's just driven by my love of weed, some people would keep hitting it simply because it's free. I would never turn down a hit. I'm going to keep hitting it as long as it's there. So if your Stonerlympics plans to provide people like me with weed all day, go ahead.

    Lungs of steel is simple as long as you know your body.

    These are just too easily attainable. I like the idea of a Stonerlympics maybe with stuff not so easily done.
  16. lmfao
  17. Who can smoke an ounce the fastest, Bong Pong instead of beer pong. B-Ball Bonging every time you make a basket you can take a hit, and each time you have to step back a lil bit.
  18. blunt rolling race !
  19. Everything on this page sounds sick.
  20. How fast can you break up an eighth by hand

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