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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Little Wing, May 25, 2004.

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  1. Does the whole stoner cliche piss anyone else off?
    The whole \"I\'m so heady, I wear hemp and own 30 live phish CDs\" speech just tires me out these days... For some people smoking bud is all about the imagery and fitting in. People always feel they need to identify themselves with other people...

    Well guess what, I smoke pot, and when I see some kid with tye-die and \"phat glass\" I dont automatically think there cool. If anything I am cynical about their authenticity. Not that I have a problem with tye-dye, hemp, phish, dreads, and any of that crap.

    But seriously, keep it real.
  2. As fond as I am with weed, the stoner persona that comes along sorta pisses me off... and the thing is, I listen to Phish, Pink Floyd, Hendrix...but it has nothing to do with weed or them smoking! But people just assume that I like \'em cuz they\'re hippies? Fuck hippies*...(excluding the above mentioned musical masters)
    I also hate words like \'dank\', and \'shwagg\'.

    *If anyone was offended by that, don\'t take it personally, it\'s just the whole hippie thing kinda bothers me. Some of my friends are hippies, I don\'t judge them on that factor alone... : O
  3. dude, let who ever do their own thing, why should you care about how they act? you be yourself, and they\'ll be themselfs, easy as that...
  4. Sorry, but I can\'t just ignore how people act, some people just piss me off. I mean it\'s not like I\'d do anything about it if its not really affecting me, but some stuff just annoys me...

  5. true. anyways i\'m glad to say that i don\'t fall under the stoner cliche
  6. I am not trying to change these people, I am simply ranting on how it irritates me. Plus they arn\'t being themselves, they\'re being a \"stoner.\"

    There are also different branches of the stoner cliche... I won\'t go into detail describing every one, I\'m sure you\'re all familiar with them. I\'m certain several of you even try and fall in with them.
  7. which one would you supposedly fall into? or.. did you be creative and make your own?? um dude, your getting sterotyped just as much as your giving it out. theres probably a bunch of people who smoke pot and act just like you do on these subjects, so i suppose you yourself fall into a cliche as well...

    and i totally understand you just wanting to rant about it, but you shouldnt think that your above them in some way. could so happen that they\'re dressing/acting that way to deviate from the type of smoker you are...

    i skateboard, and smoke pot... i do them because its fun, not because someone else said they were. go ahead and label me, im doing the same to you! not even intentionally all the time, its just human habit...
  8. Grassroots, maybe it is different where you are from, but where I live it is obvious. There are large groups of people that are all the same here, and then there are clear individuals. It is night and day. And no, I am not part of a cliche. I do what I do because I like it... etc...
    Just as you skateboard and smoke pot because you like to.

    How do you feel about people that shop exclusively from skate shops, buy expensive skateboards... and you look at their skateboard and it is unmarked... perfect... sitting on their shelf... They love skateboarding not for the thrill of skateboarding itself, but because they want to be like other people. They want to fit in....
  9. who doesnt want to feel like they fit in? guess you cant blame them in a way...

    btw, im really arguing just for the sake of arguing..
  10. I\'m confused about the Stoner Cliche. I didn\'t know one existed. An overwhelming majority of the stoners that I\'ve met over the last several decades do not easily lend themselves to stereotyping. People from all different backgrounds get high often enough to be categorized as stoners, yet for many, the similarities end there. If \"wearing hemp\" and owning \"30 live phish CD\'s\" is the stereotype of today, then it would seem that most stoners aren\'t stereotypical.

    As for my own ability to fit into the Cliche, I dare say I\'m a complete non conformist. I don\'t wear hemp clothing -- too much temptation to strip and smoke my shorts! And without fear of any sort of admonishment, I can easily say that I\'ve never knowingly listened to anything by Phish... while at the same time I can say that I\'ve attended quite a few Dead Shows in years past. I\'ve worn tie-dyed clothing, even some that I\'ve tied and dyed myself. I\'ve had long hair and buzz cuts. I\'ve thrived at discos as well as at Dead Shows. I\'ve gotten high with celebrities and hobos, housewives and dykes, nellie queens and butch marines (and even a couple of nellie marines!), mensa members and high school dropouts, the upper class and the lower class and everything in between. And for the life of me, no matter how much I try, I just can\'t seem to attach a stereotype to such a diverse group of people.

    My suggestion to Little Wing, the one who seems most perturbed by the Stoner Cliche, is to learn to focus on other personality traits that are more appealing. For many years now, it\'s been my belief that everyone... and I mean EVERYONE... has something, some trait, some story to tell, or some hidden talent that I can connect with. Of course, the connection will only be made if the other person is willing to make the connection with you. If you search hard enough, even the most dispicable person has something that you can connect with. Instead of accepting the first impression as the final impression, dig a bit deeper and I can almost guarantee (except for this one small fact: there are NO guarantees in Life!) that you\'ll find some point of connection that will be worthy of your time.

    Instead of remaining pissed off at these people, forgive them for not meeting your ever so narrow standards. Then give them the chance to alter your first impression. It\'s not healthy to continue being pissed off, especially without making an attempt to alter that which is pissing you off.

    One of the most awe inspiring abilities of the human species is that which allows it to act and think outside the bouds of animal instinct. It\'s instinctive to stereotype. It\'s human to go beyond instinct and expand the possibilities.

    Oops... have I said too much?

  11. This brings up an interesting point, because let\'s say you actually like the way tye-dye looks (I think it\'s pretty neat) or let\'s say you like dreads. if you were to see a person who has dreads of wears tye-dye do you automatically look down upon them? I mean sure you could ask them why they wear such a thing, but whether it\'s because they want to fit in or because they actually like it, they\'re going to say \"because I like it\"

    It\'s better the hang out with them for about 30 mins or so. Or better yet get them high, the way they act high will definately tell you whether or not they are poseurs or not.

    But then again, I\'m high, so maybe I\'m just overthinking this.

  12. I think people arn\'t getting what I\'m saying. The vast overwhelming number of people are not the ones I am talking about. I have worn tye-die gone to otherones concerts , and dylan concerts... Had loing hair etc... Many of my good friends do as well.

    Also I am talking fromt he perspective of still being in high school... (only 2 more weeks and I am done).. Many people in the high school setting do things just to blend in though. When you talk to them what they say is what you\'ve heard from others just alike... Well I am done before I dig myself deeper...

    I came to pandora\'s all high and baked so I could rant a bit. So what I thought up to rant about(politics is starting to lose the satisfaction of a good rant) was this.

  13. Ok I have no basis for comparision, I didn\'t smoke in HS. In fact I didn\'t drink either. I didn\'t really do much of anything come to think about it.

    But I do know the clique feeling that HS can have. It does suck, but most of those people once they leave will find out what they actually like to do and will stop being the poseurs that they were in HS. I don\'t know if this is what you\'re getting at, but it\'s an interesting point nonetheless.

  14. Thats exactly what I\'m talking about. When people get out of High school they tend to grow out of it...
  15. I\'m just me. Don\'t worry about it, man. Just be you. Concerning yourself with other\'s selected persona, apparently, only causes you aggrevation. So just live and let live. :smoke:

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