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The stoned drawer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TwztedElegance, May 25, 2010.

  1. #1 TwztedElegance, May 25, 2010
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    Here's my stash
    All that cost <$30 here in India lol

  2. got a question for ya, hows the quality of that , is it good bad it looks terrible being brown and all but does it taste and smoke as bad as it looks? no offence on you or anything
  3. #3 TwztedElegance, May 25, 2010
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    its surprisingly good actually haha, i was used to smoking canadian bud for a year but im in india for the summer and this stuff wasn't THAT bad. tastes real bitter though
  4. cool stash man.

    weed looks bad though, but as long as it smokes well, good for ya
  5. #5 TwztedElegance, May 25, 2010
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    yeah, its definitely not really good bud or anything. we don't get any decent strains out here. but it smokes pretty alright and 1-2 bowls gets me stoned. can't find any good green bud out here, nobody really grows it well :(
  6. Props on finding some, india mustve been pretty wild...
  7. thats looks like the worst weed ever, but hey its weed and atleast you were able to find some, enjoy man
  8. Are you kidding me ?!

    India gets some of the best bud and hash known to man. Alot of seed companies go out there each year to get seeds for new genetics.
  9. it looks industrious and like a bargain. As for "good" I don't know how good it is. but maybe, your stoned drawer is a stepping stone for more journeys... into the highlands of hash...
  10. The question is not what is the quality, but how much did you pay! I'm petty sure you got that for a little of nothing. Try finding some nice hash out there though, I know they have it. And some Hindu Kush! lol
  11. why does every person gotta judge all bud?he went there and found some,that alone is long as he gets high!right?exactly
  12. #12 TwztedElegance, May 26, 2010
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    I meant none of that good stuff is sold around the areas where I am. all the good weed is grown in the north afaik. oh well, I'll just keep searching while smoking this crap I guess haha

    paid about 8-10 dollars for all that
  13. Weed is weed.

    I've smoked some bobby brown in my day, and I'm pretty sure I paid way more than that. Thanks for sharing :smoke:
  14. That is like telling someone who enjoys wine, why spend 500+ dollars on a bottle, wine is wine, just get the 4 dollar bottle.

    Or someone who enjoys smoking cigars, why spend so much for Montecristos (cubans)? Just smoke a philly for $1.50, cigars are cigars!

    Why buy a Mercedes, just get a Kia, cars are cars!

    Trust me, there is a difference.
  15. Damn that is a good price!

    What is the cost of living like in India?
  16. #16 TwztedElegance, May 26, 2010
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    this is the best stuff available around this area lol. why wouldn't I be smoking better stuff if it was available? I've seen MUCH worse, usually the weed people buy here in big Indian cities is disgusting and not potent AT ALL. this stuff atleast got everyone I know high after a bowl or two

    the cost of living here is really low. about 45 rupees = 1 dollar. the majority of the poor people here live on 5000-10000 rupees/month

    the really good weed that all you guys hear about isn't found easily at all atleast in the big cities like Mumbai and Delhi. the easiest way to get that really good stuff would be to travel up north to a place called Manali, which is where good stuff grows in abundance in the wild

    oh yeah, practically all the weed you get here is with seeds. it's all outdoor grown in the wild and the farmers don't bother separating the females so they got pollinated or whatever :p definitely don't know anyone that carefully grows their weed, so finding fancy and well-grown weed like in the States is next to impossible here.

    here's a close-up



    ...would you smoke this at the price i got it for? and would you call it mids or schwag?

    you have to get rid of the stems and seeds first, then grind it up and fill up the bowl

  17. Your comparisons make absolutely no sense... how can you compare an illegal substance to 3 commercialized industries.

    Nice job dude:rolleyes:
  18. Seriously a sack of reg vs a sack of dank is not the same thing as what car you drive lol, they both get you high and you can always have multiple bags of weed/types of weed to choose from..
  19. thats looks like shit
  20. meh.. whatever. we don't get fancy dank here and it gets us stoned so we're gonna smoke it anyway. you can do muchhhhh worse in india, ive seen the shit some of my friends smoke and its like all dry and brown XD

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