The Stoned 16 - Bracket B (4)Harold vs (5)The Dude

Discussion in 'General' started by falconsmoker, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. (4)Harold vs (5)The Dude
  2. This is fuckin hard...
  3. the dude never talks so id say harold cause hes raw as shit
  4. Oh come on thats easy THE DUDE
  5. ya wow the dude harold is a tool
  6. Harold is no tool, and if he was, he'd be the sharpest one in the drawer.... :confused:

    I vote for Harold, watch that movie almost everytime I'm high.
  7. ^^^^agreed i watch that movie all the time when im baaaked aswell hahah cliasic movie
  8. Harold may have been a somewhat funny character, but I don't think he was the "best stoner." I mean the Dude just goes with the flow; Harold was just kinda whiney and reluctant.
  9. its the dude, how can you vote against him...
  10. How the hell is The Dude winning? If you voted for him... go shit in your hat!

    -Antwan L.
  11. Harold is off the dam chain, I mean he is on the quest for food and he is always wanting to smoke. Not to mention that he can crack out some medical shit like whoa!. Harold for me man... JOE>
  12. HAhahaha i knew this would happen...

    I'm pretty sure some of you are thinking of Kumar, not Harold, specifically sloppyjoe. Harold is the weird Asian dude that THROWS OUT BUD and gets busted for jaywalking. I got confused too until I remembered, so Dude hands down.

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