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  1. Hi, G.C. community. I’m making this post today, giving you all an opportunity who read this to be among the first to join my “budding” organization. There is no name yet. Ushletism is a word I am considering but have not fully decided upon. I don’t really see it as a religion but not sure what else you would call it haha. The primary reason for this post is not to gain followers but rather to certify that I am the original creator of this idea before I attempt to share it with others. If you decide you think it’s cool and something you want to be a part of hit me with a message.

    Ushletism (?)

    Primarily agnostic (or any other faith) with the following beliefs & values:

    Love & Hate = Good & Evil. These forces exist within some form of balance inside all of us and we must realize this so that we can begin to add “weight” to the side of Good/Love.

    Balance is the key to both life & growth. This is true for individuals and the collective human race.

    All humans are not created ‘equal’. However, we all play some role, large or small, in the progress or understanding of human experience. We should not treat others in a way that we would not want ourselves to be treated. Allow love to be your guide (this does not mean you must prioritize all life as you would your own families but simply consider how you might want to be treated by other families as an outsider yourself. Once you do this you realize we are already almost on the right path we just need to refocus a bit and keep improving). This leads to our moral guideline and possibly our primary value:

    The Golden Rule. *Our moral guideline. (Do unto others as you would have others do unto you)

    Finally, despite all of our other personal differences we agree to band together in the name of Life, Love, Freedom & Saving our Future.



    Band together our country again

    Help people help themselves

    Show the world it can unite over common good (love) and save the future


    Supplemental ideas:

    This community will eventually become an online organization and must be guarded so as to avoid any possible corruption.

    Traffic light system.

    Fasting habits

    Balance & perspective

    Humility (being humble)

    Always learning and growing


    Being fully present / letting go


    Balancing your mind (+broad perspective)


    Superior mindset

    Small acts of kindness

    Community (important for kids especially)

    (Starts with acceptance/golden rule)

    Utopia vs Apocalypse

    …. I know I may seem crazy attempting something like this but I feel as if this has been growing in my mind since I was young. Hear me in this: I am no idol, only a very imperfect human. I believe no one man holds all the answers and I will need help to improve and realize this mission.
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  2. Maybe now that we have nukes and the Internet we can make this work
  3. did you read the article?
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  4. Not thoroughly but I get the point. People who are looking for peace are at a disadvantage militarily. Am I missing another point? That’s why I said maybe this can change now that we are in the age of nuclear war fare and have more powerful governments. I don’t really see this moving towards government recognition or aristocracy for a long long time. (Who knows tho.) if I can stick to it and begin a grass roots community I hope it can continue to grow. I want it to be multigenerational and I doubt I’ll see it grow much in my own life. (Again who knows). Also, encompassing the golden rule allows us to treat others with action equal to their action. Therefore this creates not just a way for us to be prepared defensively but it allows us to seek out “hate” and attempt to correct it. Only in a manner that would be fair to another life of course. I Will have to write more about this later but the internet and nukes definitely change the field. Also, my idea allows for anyone of any other religion to join. So long as their religion can be held parallel with out values. Therefor creating an inclusive group not another layer of segregation.

    personally I’m going to begin studying psychology in the spring. I know I have a long way to go on all this but I’m starting here and I don’t think I could stop even if I wanted to. This shit is always on my brain unless I’m with my kids or zoned out to music haha
  5. I've been an Ushletarian my whole life.
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  6. WE dropped the fucking bomb in 1945.
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  7. Lol I'm aware. Please don't take everything I say so serious. This is merely a philosophy for people to agree with or disagree. American or not. I encourage you to focus on the balance and love and golden rule aspects primarily. Geopolitics is a far and away game I'm not trying to be a part of. Only suggesting that maybe in time with success it could help show the government's of the world that people can band together and not fight all the damn time...? I'm not trying to predict the outcome I want the goals to be sorta vague I guess
  8. Also I think a big part of it is that I just want to give my kids something to help guide them through the world. I grew up mormon and I liked certain aspects but found myself to not 'believe'. Plus the racism and sexism was a big no for me. (No offense to any LDS members honestly I hope I could persuade some of themin my ideas) lol ... Personally I'm agnostic so this is the best I can do and i think its pretty good so i want to share it and i hope other people can help improve it as well as it help other people :D
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  9. this new religion is already existing in each of the religions that are there.
    this grass roots existed before; see anarchism.( think this one mini-series would be a good start to see what I'm talking about).
    and people that just want to live in peace and harmony, they can't, not even when they are isolated from the rest of the world.

    I follow all the religions and philosophies. You are on a good start, but instead of starting a new thing, why not explore first what is already there, learn from history and philosophy and religion.

    You know, many people on Earth don't see duality, like Love n' Hate, they see it differently, such as, Ignorance, Passion, and Goodness.
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  10. I appreciate this response deeply. I'm aware there are very many similar types of organizations. As I said I want people of any faith to see this as a secondary group they can also be a part of. If in time organizations would like to affiliate with me that is fine, I encourage it. I want this philosophy to evolve and grow. The goal is to help people see things in this light and I believe in myself to carry this forward. I do want to further my education and knowledge (especially of cultures and religions) but I also want to see this idea forward. I don't intend to be the "creator" long term in fact I only see real success if this becomes part of a larger entity. Balance can be part a many sided spectrum. I know language and definitions are tricky but ideas can be universal.

    I would love to hear more from you though, if you think you could help please do. For instance, I am curious as to the duality of love and hate and if we could peel this into more layers. Obviously there is much grey in between and much room for discussion. I need people to discuss these things with even if they are topics that don't affect the main values at all. I'll start by looking into some of the links you sent a bit further. Ty
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  11. #12CannabisPlants2.0
    Not sure where to start. But clearly your young.
    From the Bible
    Knowledge is worthless without wisdom.

    Your not teaching anything new, right down to you self proclaiming yourself a creator.
    Personally I not in your corner.
    have a great day
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  12. That’s fine I apologize if I offended. It’s not about me though, it’s about putting together the ideas. (Which I know I didn’t create lol) Wish u the best mate.
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  13. Humans have been the worst thing to happen to this planet. Whether we evolved from apes, created by God, or seeded here by aliens, we're destroying the planet and it won't get any better. I love the planet, I've seen things and places that very few have due to my work. The world would be much much better off if humanity disappeared. Even if a worldwide nuclear conflict happened and all humans disappeared, the world would recover eventually and be a much better place.
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  14. You may be right but I hope for my kids sake us humans can at least try to find a way to live in harmony with the earth and each other before we disappear. *edit: or try harder I mean to say*
  15. Traffic light system? lmao
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  16. Ayyyy glad you asked about that I was wondering when someone would….. first I gotta recognize my ignorance as to the definition of religion…. This is NOT a religious idea at all cuz it has nothing to do with a diety or the supernatural. I guess in time the idea is for it to be a philosophy/community/self help program (like AA) ….. now to your question ….

    The Traffic Light System:

    my idea here is a self-funded 100% voluntary monetary system for the community unlike tithing or any other systems I’m aware of. The idea is that once the software/app/website is developed it would give each member of the community an option to donate to a monthly ‘money pool’. They can choose either Green (donate any amount of their choice) Yellow (do not participate) or Red (in need of financial assistance. The members can keep their names anonymous if they wish but steps will be in place to ensure each account is a real person and if they are green then the amount they have chosen to donate will be posted publicly on the sites ‘master list’ ….. this way each member can verify their amount is accounted for. Then, at the end of the month, as each donation transaction is processed for the green members the transaction amount/ account it is tied to will be publicly posted as well. Again, to verify their money is accounted for. Once all transactions have been processed the Total amount (also posted publicly on the site while running and once finalized) this amount will be divided evenly among all red members and distributed. Obviously a system like this would be very sophisticated and need to be designed so as to avoid any future corruption ….. long way off goal but yeah that’s that idea :) glad u asked
  17. Love this. Everyone should watch, very educational and important.
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