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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by hippie john, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. today i was laying under the stars and was thinking, every one of those little dots in the sky could be another solar system ust like ours, and we see it every night, but take no notice. it was sorta weird
  2. i take notice. i take notice all the time.

    it totally freeked me out when i learned that many people (my mum included) dont have the slightest clue what stars are!!!!

    more people should think about that a little more i think
  3. It is amazing that some people just never look UP. Tunnel vision. There is so much more out there. I credit my drug experimentation to opening my mind to all the wonders of our existance.
  4. hehe, humans are basically 2.5D oriented :)

    but yeah, sitting out in the middle of nowhere, lighting a fatty and just gaze at the stars. awesome. makes you think!
  5. I love looking at the stars...only wish I could point out more constellations other than the big & little dippers...not seeing the stars is one of the downsides of urban life & another reason I love the beach & the mountains
  6. Makes you realise how small we are compared to the whole universe, just another spec of dust in the whole picture.

  7. righton WB, it puts our little world (and hopefully our problems) in perspective.

  8. yeah, makes you stop fussin over stooooopid shit.
  9. yeah, like if we had a nuclear war, and destroyed the whole earth, would the universe give a shit? i be not
  10. latest estimation of total number of stars are 7^22, or if you spell it out around 600 billion of these is in our galaxy and from earth orbit without visual aids we can see around 8600. on any hemisphere under ideal condidition we can see around 2400 stars with the naked eye. in urban areas, this is reduced further to maybe only a handfull, if any.
  11. I remember when I was real small I could look up and actually actually see the stars...

    if I'm lucky...
    I get to see 2 or 3 when I look up...
    A little fuzzy and dimmed by the air and light pollution...
    But still stars...

    There's some degree in comfort to be gained from the true feeling of total insignificance...
  12. closest star to us, Proxima Centauri. something like 4.6 Light years away.

    one of the brightest stars in the sky, Rigel, i giant blue ball of flame... if memory serves, its something like.... 6000 light years away.
    our galaxy is about 100,000 light years in diameter and 10,000 deap.


    are you sure? that seems like an awfully small number.

    ... now where did i put the drake equation.. i wanna see if i can start applying it to that. that number represents the starting possition for the drake equation.
  13. I love looking at the stars. I'll get blazed and just go stretch out on my back and stargaze. Next time I do it, I'm going to assign a Blade to each star I see. I live in the mountains so when it's a clear night all I see is stars...of course I hear those damn crickets chirping, too!!!!! Sometimes if I'm lucky, I have the pleasure of smelling the lovely scent of a skunk! UGH!
  14. lol, what you don't like skunks? they're so cute. they always remind me of thet cartoon, whatsitcalled, pepe le'peu or something like that.

    and 70 sixtillion estimated number of stars in the observable universe is just that, an estimate upon what we can observe. the actual number might be much higher still. and it is never constant. stars die and are born all the time. NASA itself puts the number at a zillion. an imaginary number meaning very, very high. most scientist just classify it as close to infinity :)
  15. i'd like to lay under the stars and get baked with RMJL:)

  16. coooool! I want Rigel! gimme rigel! i call shotgun on Rigel, dibs on rigel! :D hehe. just so you know, its one of the two bright corners on Orion... either his foot or his hand i forget which. maaaaasssssiiiivvveee star! :D hehe. i think its the brightest bluest star of the orion constelation.

    do any of you think that maybe, juuuust maybe, all those million year old photons that hit us from distant stars actually contain memories of the universe?

    ... hehe, sry, my hippieness is showing again. faaar out maaan! :D
  17. you've read to much hitch-hikers guide digit. you've OD'ed. i'm sorry to inform you that the condition is chronic and no cure is known.

    so sit back with a jinnantonnik and a bowl and try to think of the serene and mellow place that is the earth. it's crazy out there, in the milky way you know.


  18. theres more than that. how big is the universe? infinity so they say? well if the universe is infinite that why the hell wouldnt the number of stars be infinite? i want to know who this damned guy is that thinks he can frikin count the stars. sorry, it cant be figured out by equation.
  19. i vote for 26 1/2 :D
  20. omg i luv lookin at the stars even when im sober... i go out side and sit on my trampoline and laydown lookin streight up at the stars and smoke... its so pretty and it trips me out.

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