The Speeding Ticket Thread

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  1. Got a speeding ticket? Well here's the spot to share your stories. I'll start:

    Yesterday I was Boulder. For those familiar w/ the area, this happened on Colorado Ave, near the CU East Campus. Speed limit on this road is 35. I was going 37, so no problem there. But, then the road narrows to one lane and becomes a "construction zone", even though there's no roadwork being done. The speed limit also drops to 25 for less than a quarter mile. Since it was such a short distance and there was no construction I didn't bother slowing down.

    There was slight, blind hill and at the bottom 4 cops had set up a speed trap. One had a radar gun and was hitting cars as they came over the hill. They'd pull over two cars at a time, just walk into the street and wave them to the side. Probably every fourth or fifth car was getting pulled over. Got nailed for 12 over. Bitch of cop acted like she was doing me a favor by not saying the ticket was in a "construction zone". $100 to the City of Boulder. Fucking cops. Time to invest in a radar detector.
  2. Buddy if mine once said "you're not a true car guy until you get a speeding ticket." hopefully(?) this thread will still be around by the time I get busted for speeding...
    That sucks though.. I'd definetely buy one. They're expensive though..
  3. I can't decide if I should put both my 100+ mph stories in here or my 23 in 20 ticket.


    More tickets than I can recall.
  4. Yeah same here. Way more tickets than I can recall. You think it's worth it to speed and pay later if you have a fast car, but then being under 25 years old with multiple speeding tickets on your record destroys your insurance.

    /got caught speeding in a 40 mph zone going 95.
  5. let's see... i have some good ticket storis but i guess i'll save some time and post my two "favorite" tickets.

    first ticket i ever got i was going over to my friend's house for a party since IT WAS MY 19TH BIRTHDAY. it was around 11:30pm and i was on this road that is sort of in a neighborhood but not exactly if you know what i mean. but yea basically the speed limit was 35, i was doing 40, remember this. got pulled over, i was pissed cause usually around here they don't pull you over unless you are doing 10+ over the limit. on this night i was driving my farm work truck which is a 1997 dodge ram 1500 lifted about 6 inches with a set of 37" mud terrains. i would have been alright with the ticket if it was just speeding but nooooooooo, they had to add a bunch of other violations. since it is my farm work truck i don't exactly keep up 100% with things like headlights and taillights. they added a "driving with a faulty headlight" charge onto the ticket. thing is my headlights were both illuminated, only problem was one had a blown low beam filament, which means i had to run them on high beams and when i did one light was dimmer than the other. that's not the end of that though. as it is an older truck and has been run up and down the farm every day for about 4 years it had a few dings dents and rust spots. there are two spots on my bumper on each side of the license plate where the rust has gone all the way through. i happened to have been baling hay this week so there was hay stuck in those holes. there was no law against this so they couldn't add anything to the ticket for it but what pissed me off was i could hear the cop and his partner being smartasses while running my drivers license and heard one of them say "you think we should add a charge for the hay in the bumper too?" *egotistical cop laugh*. still not done yet for one i had my insurance card and registration in my toolbox where i always keep it. only problem was my toolbox happened to be on the farm in the barn, added on a driving without proof of insurance and driving without proof of registration onto the ticket. but wait there's more! the icing on top of the shitty birthday night cake was when they added a failure to notify department of transportation of change of address charge since my license was different from the adress i gave them which was my current address. I HAD FINISHED MOVING INTO A NEW HOUSE THE DAY BEFORE. it was a saturday and my birthday was on a sunday so i had no possible way of getting that taken care of. in the end i didn't even get a fine, they sent me straight to a court date. lucky for me my mother knows almost every prosecutor in the city and had my charges dismissed with a warning.

    yea, that's a long story but this next one will be straight and to the point... sorta.

    my second "favorite" speeding ticket would have to be the night i was driving my 2005 honda civic. i was on the interstate going to meet a friend the next state over. i drive past this newer model subaru impreza. they obviously took offense to that and tried to speed up and pass me. so naturally i considered this a street race and went into race mode. naturally they had a hard time keeping up since my civic is far from factory. cold air intake, turbo, edelbrock nitrous system, all the good stuff you look for in a tuner. i have no doubt in my mind i would have had no trouble wooping their asses, only problem was i had these annoying red and blue lights slowing me down. turns out as soon as i started to show that subie who's boss we drove past a cop. of course i'm the one getting pulled over. i got a street racing ticket along with a speeding ticket of 136 in a 75 zone. if only that cop was farther down i would really have a good ticket to put on my wall.
  6. I got a 56 in a 25, and 77 in a 55. For the 77 in 55 the cop was nice enough to knock it down to 60 so my insurance/liscense wouldn't take a hit though. If you aren't an asshole they wont be either lol
  7. I got a ticket a couple days ago for 107 in a 60 zone, I was coming out of 1st gear going into second. 3 KM/h under stunt driving, I could have gotten my car impounded, went to jail and got my license taken.. LOL. Cop walked up to my car with his Glock half out! 350$ ticket and 4 points...
  8. Got super fucking baked all night with my friends, on the way back home we were doing 80 in a 30 ( really narrow street in the UK ) see the blue lights, know we are fucked. They come up to the drivers side looking really pissed off and break the news the news that headlights werent on either haha.
  9. My first speeding ticket was in my first car, a trans am with 6.6 under the hood, I was doing 127 in a 65 and I tried to run because I knew all the back roads and gravel like the back of my hand and I clearly had the bigger engine and driving skills so I thought I could get lucky. Well he had called another squad car at the end of this really long stretch of gravel, and this is a really wide road also and by this time the speedo is past 135 and I see the cherries so I slam on the breaks and spin all over the road and through the ditch in the field and killed the engine...3 years in jail and a shit ton of fines, I bought the car back at an auction and I haven't touched it since lol.

  10. paragraph that shit
  11. Hahaha there's no need to explain why you layed it to the mat when you seen the cop... It's just something that happens when your in a General Motor's muscle car, I feel like doing it in my Camaro every time. Feel's like Smokey and The Bandit or something. Good story ! :D
  12. In my city they now have mobile traps. They look like an electrical box, most times well placed behind a tree or other object but by the time you see it it's already too late. The other thing is they move from place to place. So you never know where they are and they're super sensitive. I got a ticket for doing 28 in a 25mph zone. The first time I got a ticket, I was doing 117(according to the officer) on the highway. New Benz E350, just playing with the gas pedal but we all know in the eyes of the law, there is no logical explanation for that.
  13. [​IMG]

    2months after my license: going 16mph over speed limit > ticket was 180bucks+600bucks for an extra class on how not to speed + 2 years extra license probation making 4years alltogether


    2 months ago: 10+mph over limit... nothing came yet and prolly wont since it was in france

    been lucky so far, cause im almost always speeding, but already mentioned somewhere else in the thread i kow all cop car radars in my city and they are pretty obvious
  14. agree
  15. I got a speeding ticket on the way back from court once...boy that was a shitty day.
  16. About a year ago I got caught going 100+ on the freeway, tried to outrun the cop, it didn't work haha. To this day I'm still paying off the $700 ticket lol
  17. And that's why you're a dumbass if you run
  18. Once got a 92 in a 50 on I-4 in Orlando. Fucking motorcycle cops were at the bottom of a hill and I couldn't see them. Thats the only big ticket I ever got. Cops are a fucking joke here. I speed all the time and haven't ever gotten pulled over where I live.

  19. whatcha driving? 100 km in 1st gear is pretty nice
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    Haha ya I haven't driven it in 7years...btw it is black with t tops just like trigger

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