The Source of Evil

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  1. Can you imagine the place in which evil exists? How can this be so. If we are all Source, then what is holding evil in place? I believe that ALL evil exists simply for the counter understanding of Who We Are. We feel the Awareness, know that our current viewpoint is that of Love, but is it during this time that we put back in fear? Do we hide it there so that we can feel love again? Or is it something that we are not conscious of what we are doing? Say, things that are not healthy for our body? Christ always said our body's were our temples. Maybe there was a lot of truth to that.

    Just my opinion, I could be totally wrong. We could probably do anything to our body and still know how this works. In fact, that is probably going to be someone's testimony to see how fucked up they can be and still know what the hell we are talking about. Go RockStar, that gives such a good impression of Who We Are.

    Alright, I will bring it up. Just relax and breathe, know that you know you. That you are Whole, that You Are One, Know that Peace and Love is in ALL.
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    what would good be is evil didn't exist?
    what would love be if fear didn't exist?
    perhaps everything has an opposite so we can know exactly what we are and what we feel
    all is one coin with 2 sides
  3. What exactly is evil? ARe all the so-called evils described in the Bible really evil? Is looking at an attractive person evil or is it really just one of the things that make the world so great.

    Even the relatively innocent (and ignorant) can be corrupted into evil easily in the right circumstances.

    I'd like to think God is above judging us for basic goods and evils because God had to have foresight of these basic things.
  4. Don't you


    That evil

    Lives in the mother fucking

  5. Causing harm intentionally
  6. That place is called america :)
  7. without EVIL

    how would one define GOOD......

    evil is good
    good is evil.:cool:
  8. ink lives in my skin!:eek:

    evil lives right out in the open....with a smile for a mask:)

    ready to be your best friend!:eek:

    how elts can it get close enough to tear you apart?;):smoke:
  9. evil is life itself,,,,,

    thats why when you spell evil bacwards you get live....:cool:

  10. evil live in your butt:eek:!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. birth, sickness, aging and death.

  12. thats all shit one can choose to make the most of;):smoke:
  13. One man's another man's good.

    And there it is.
  14. Define evil, then use it in a sentence. People will defend the meaning of the word because they have used it to describe the unthinkable, but if your not a religous person then the term is useless. Source of evil? your suggesting that evil is a growing force, using these words creates more confusion than good.
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    ^in this post the source of evil is

    it comes from where ever you pull it out of....:eek:
  16. You should read 'The Giver' if you havent already. It's being made into a movie. It'll be great if they do it right.

    Life without the possibility of pain is no Life at all. Without the Bad, you'd never recognize the Good in Life: Yin/Yang. Balance is Key.
  17. HEY! Wake up people, your smoking the wrong shit. Life is not that complicated. Get your head out of your ass, slap yourself and try again before you fall victim to your own ignorance.:eek:
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    Evil is when we believe we know what is right and what is wrong. All man is corrupted (evil) because we all act according to our sense of right and wrong.

    We exist on this earth simply to experience the consequences of this belief - it is a classroom for our eternal spirits. Had God not allowed us to experience the "death" that results from our own knowledge of "right and wrong" - we could never have seen that it is in our best interest to accept that God knows what is best for us, and what is harmful for us.

    Since death and sin can not exist with God - he created this earthly experience for our spiritual preparation - that we could enter his Kingdom with a free will that always chooses to follow God's rule.

  19. This is were the term evil belongs along with other fanciful words such as Kingdom, eternal spirits, sin, god.
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    Evil and good were created simultaneously out of the existence of creation itself. You can't have one without the other, those are the laws that were created for us on this planet.

    You wouldn't know what the opposite of light was if your body didn't cast a shadow....get where I'm going with this? light/dark, good/evil, right/left, up/down good tasting/bad tast, ect.....

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