The Sopranos Appreciation Thread

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  1. How about three cheers for the greatest TV show ever made.
  2. Seasons 1 and 2 were tits but 3 and so on started to trail off imo. But the Sopranos is a great show for sure.
  3. A great show with fantastic acting in my opinion.

    Everyone should watch at least a couple episodes in their life.
  4. I started watching, and it was awesome, then I stopped for a bit, but then; just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.

    But yeah, it's an awesome show, I love it :D
  5. One episode I really liked was Pine Barrens. The whole debacle with the Russians and Paulie was comical. I always thought a cool way to end the series was for Tony to get taken out by those Russians. Speaking of the ending, so big Tony got taken out in front of his family. Members Only.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - The Sopranos - Breaking balls goes too far[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Tony 'Badass' Soprano #2 (HD)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Phil Leotardo Whacking[/ame]

    some of my favorites lol
  7. Yeah the sopranos is a fantastic series and viewed in the context of metaphor and character development (removed from the 'crime drama' aspect of the show which I thought always more importantly took a backseat to character) the final two seasons are a collective masterpiece.

    Loved the ending by the way and yes Tony dies, he's shot in the back of the head just as he looks up to see who's coming in the diner. David Chase established Tony's POV looking up to see who was coming in the diner every time the door opened and that bell rang, the door opened as Meadow was walking in, the camera jumped to Tony's POV as he looked u[ and then blackness as he is shot and killed which reinforces the "You never see it coming theme" which is established earlier in the season in a conversation with Bobby Baccala and Tony and then supported several times leading up to Tony's death.

    I actually had a debate on this with my dad at the time of the final episode's airing.

    Here's a very detailed analysis which irrefutably supports the conclusion of Tony's death.

    Page 1 « The Sopranos: Definitive Explanation of “The END”
  8. Thanks to A&E I watch the Sopranos just about every day. I watched the first two seasons with my Dad when it came out, then started working on Sunday nights and quit watching it. Then I got back into it when it ended and my cousin let me borrow his DVDs of the seasons. To me its one of the best shows HBO has had.
  9. Pine Barrens is my favorite episode man. Besides Long Term Parking. The Sopranos is definitely my favorite show of all time...Six Feet Under is a close second. I've got like four episodes left to watch of SFU...HBO shows are the best. The Wire is probably tied for second with SFU...actually Breaking Bad is tied with SFU and The Wire
  10. Long Term Parking is my favorite too. I love The Ride from season 6 too.
  11. I watched the whole show 7 times already! I cannot get enough of this show it's my favorite genre (Mafia, Crime, Drama, Comedy, Suspense).
  12. Never missed any episode of The Sopranos, love this show. Thanks for creating this appreciation thread.

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