The Smokaholics, some DOPE HipHop

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  1. YO! We are The Smokaholics and we are coming at you from Vansterdam, BC! Fueled by sweet cannabis sativa, we aim to shed a positive light on stoner society by expressing our creativity through our music. We want to share our chronic love of hip hop music and smoking reefer with the world and to do this, we created The Smokaholics first album, Welcome to Vansterdam. As productive pot smoking members of society, we aim to change the views of those who look down on people who smoke marijuana. We encourage all Smokaholics to do the same as us, roll up a fatty fat one (be it some delicious BC Bud or not), get off your couch, and do something you love to do! Be creative with your high, enjoy the one life you have to live, and never forget to keep your feet in the fire and your head in the clouds!

    [ame=]The Smokaholics - Technichronic Feat. City (Official Music Video) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]The Smokaholics - Puff and Pass (Official Music Video) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Feelin' it. :D
  3. Little childish though, maybe not for other's but I'm pretty deep underground
  4. seems kinda corny lol but its cool i guess
  5. not feelin it
  6. Thats cool if your not into it, I did this project for myself to show my love of music and cannabis. Thanks for takin a listen anyhow
  7. lol. kinda comical. but i dig it. very well done. :smoke:

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