The Skunk Meets the Skunk

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  1. I am at work one night, trying to pass the time you know, doing as little as possible. My fifteen minute break comes up so I decide to step out back with a couple of my boys to toke on this here pipe for awhile. I'm out back with Chuck and Sean, packing a bowl, shooting the shit. I'm telling them about this particular Ganja I got called Skunk (I know you all have heard of this). I tell them it is kick ass shit and to hit the pipe easy cause they will be too fucked up to work if they try to be Geronimo, dig?

    Anyways, I fire it up, god it tastes so good. I pass it to Sean, he takes a tiny hit, nothing even remotely man like, so I start giving him shit. Chuck takes the piece, fills his lungs, starts coughing. A fucking man hit guys, a true smoker. So Sean takes the pipe back, and tries to look cool by taking a mighty hit, I mean a hit even I would cringe at with such good Ganja.

    BOOM!!! That motherfucker is doubled over in a heartbeat. He is coughing his lungs up awful, trying his best not to puke. After securing the pipe from his punta ass, I tell him to go off into the trees to puke, and to be quite or we will get busted. So he goes off into the trees, does his thing, and out of nowhere starts screaming. He comes running out of the woods with vomit on his chin and the most god awful smell I have ever witnessed follows him. After a quick moment I recognize the smell..

    Skunk, and I am talking about the mammal, not the herb. That sorry ass, dumb fuck puked all over a nesting skunk, and that bitch sprayed him something awful. He went running out to his truck, puking all the way, and took off. I stood dumbfounded for a minute, not believing what I just saw. My best friend, smoking Skunk, puked on a skunk, then jumped in his truck and left. Crazy shit bro, that poor son of a bitch had to undergo three cleansing sessions to get the smell off of him, and he was fired for not clocking out before he left.
  2. couldnt clock out for him?
  3. wow that really really sucks
  4. Well I was gonna clock out for him but our other friend was leavin soon so he said he was gonna do it so I was like alright. But yeah I feel bad that he lost his job. I let him smoke with me and he knows he doesnt owe me. So its all good.
  5. haha ouch man. you get fired for non clocking out when you have skunk shit all over you?
  6. Our boss is a real jerk, he was just waitin for any excuse to can my friend.
  7. hahahahaha thats a funny ass story, damn If I seen that in person id be on the ground laughing for like an hour.

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