The sketchy moment But hilarious

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    So one time I blazed after school:smoking: and i got home to open the door nobody answered the door :mad: so i knocked harder somehow i got in (will explain later) i looked for my moms boyfriend "Chris" and I found him outside in the backyard and I said " Did you know the door was unlocked" then Chris Said "Dude I Opened The door for touu are you loaded?":bolt: and after that i made up some excuse It's soo funny now that I think back but then it was hilarious:laughing:
  2. :smoking:inb4coolstory bro, bro.
  3. ^^^^ not a funny picture bro
  4. ..Elechronic = Thread Stalker.
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  6. ^^^ inb4ban
  7. agreed.
  8. My Bad *cough

  9. not a funny picture? what is wrong with you that picture is hilarious. +rep for the pic poster
  10. but dude you really need to stop stalking
  11. Haha, wow. How the fuck would you miss him opening he do'
  12. RSL happens to be my favorite forum on GC, as such I, very unfortunately, can't help but stumble upon your crappy threads. Don't flatter yourselves, seriously, who would purposefully seek out your pointless posts?
  13. dude hes autistic chill out
  14. yeh thats right
  15. Dudewhats your problem Though just chill
  16. thats pretty funny maybe u should just get a key so u can pop in an out without beeing burned

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