The sipper.

Discussion in 'General' started by AstroDank, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. So I was high asf the other day and I came up with this.

    A horror movie called "the sipper".

    Just before the murderer goes wild and kills people you hear him sippin a mocha latte real loud and people start screaming and freakin out then he cracks a mental and slaughters those who don't escape.

    Man I was lmao and I dunno why.
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  2. Mhm I would have to check that out if it was a really movie lbvs.

  3. I must not be high enough
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  4. Honestly I thought it would be pretty good haha.

    How are you today Toni?
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  5. Yea Mon it's creative I would def watch it. Im down for seeing most any films. Im good tho thanks for asking, just chillin with the kids lol can't get high for a minute now since I'm pregnant. Good thing is I will be super stoned when I finally can lbvs! Anyway how are you doing today Astro?

  6. Im good, its payday so I'm getting mad high (well that's the plan) and congrats on the pregnancy! Another little one running around will keep you busy :D
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  7. Thank you! I hope you do get mad high and have a good time. :love:

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