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  1. I ordered on 4-28 and recieve my seeds on 5-10-10. i ordered 2-afhgan kush..2-super lemon haze...1-kings kush and 1-red diesel.. the red diesel was cracked completely in half... i email single centre yesterday and told them what happen then they hit me up today telling me they could re ship or give me a discount.. i asked them to reship.. i see they have good customer service

  2. This happened to me on my first order from the single seed center. One of my feminized Kiwiskunk seeds was cracked in half.

    I didn't even bother emailing em about it, but knowing I could have gotten a discount I prolly woulda bugged em lol..

  3. yea man u should of emailed them.. but now u know next time if it happens
  4. Just sent in my order yesterday, just to get those freebies..

  5. i wish they had that deal when i ordered.. what did u order??
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    Placed order on 5/1/10 and seeds arrived at alternate address 5/11/10. Just missed the DNA promotion so I put in an order for one LSD fem on Friday just for the free seeds. Anybody have experience with the following strains?

    DNA-LA Woman
    TH Seeds-MK Ultra
    GHS-Great White Shark


    Edit: Got confirmation for order but it says there only shipping one seed. How could they be out of the freebies in one day? Is this standard procedure not to list freebies on shipping conformation?
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    i got my order in yesterday.....i had to wait extra long cuz the damn volcano but im just happy it came at all....they even reshipped for free on may 5th and im expectin that package any day now aswell :hello:

    im havin trouble gettin my afghan kush specials to pop thox..i always use the paper towel zip lock baggie method for all my beans.....anyone ever have any experience with this strain?

  8. i bought two afghan kush seeds..1 of them is my dudes and he didnt pick it up yet but my afghan seed popped.. im about to plant her now.... i used the paper towel method and placed in a tubber where bowl...i started germ about 4pm est 5-10-10
  9. I love that site. Thanks for the heads up on the freebies I didn't notice the promo.
  10. i just bought 5 seeds for wwms and got the freebies, only thing is that sour cream is sold out.

    1x Kiwi - Mt Cook - Feminized for £8.20 each
    1x World of Seeds - New York 47 - Feminized for £8.56 each
    1x TH Seeds - MK-Ultra - Feminized for £9.26 each
    1x Big Buddha - Cheesus - Feminized for £6.08 each
    1x Barney's Farm - LSD - Feminized for £7.61 each

  11. well yesterday my beans popped....guess i was just impatient
  12. yeah i had my barneys farm lsd seed cracked and emailed them, they sent out a new one a few days after. pretty good customer service indeed
  13. I just ordered one Blueberry fem, from Dutch Passion. yeah man those freebies look pretty sweet.

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