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  1. my all time favorite show. what's your favorite episode or quote or character? it's such a well developed show, it's awesome
  2. Ralphie - "It tastes like burning." :)
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    I've been binge watching the FXX marathon since Thursday and I have about 50 episodes on my DVR that I haven't watched yet
    I'm watching "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" right now
    Chief Wiggum: Homer Simpson, you're under arrest for attempted murder.
    Homer: D'oh!
    Chief Wiggum: Heh, that's what they all say. They all say "d'oh."
  4. Hiya everybody. I'm Nick Riviera.
  5. Everyone is auditioning to play Mr. Burns in a movie
    Anthony Hopkins: Excellent....hisssssssss!
    William Shatner: Ex...EL! Ent.
    Homer: Exactly.......d'oh!
  6. Skinner, over loudspeaker: Children, I have an announcement. Everyone's favorite comic book hero, Radio Man--
    Nelson: It's Radioactive Man, stupid!
    Skinner, over loudspeaker: Strange, I...shouldn't have been able to hear that.
  7. This marathon on fxx is the greatest thing to ever happen to tv

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    Frank Grimes: Oh, that's my degree in Nuclear Physics. I'm sure you all have one.
    Lenny: Oh, yeah. Carl and I each have our Masters. 'Course, ol' Homer, he didn't need a degee! He just showed up the day they opened the plant!
    Homer: I didn't even know what a nuclear panner plant was!
  9. I haven't changed my channel since the marathon started in my room.

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  10. The episode where Abu gives Homer some expired ham and he gets sick and has to go to the hospital, and then Kent Brockman gives him a huge cowboy hat with a camera. Then, the camera captures Apu putting out hairy hot dogs on the shelves and Homer goes back to eat one and he is in the ambulance again hahaha
  11. I love the Treehouse of horror episodes. Pretty random shit going on  :smoke:
    Recently watched them all with some friends, good times.
  12. I'm watching the marathon now, I love this show. My favorite is definitely the xfiles episode.

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  13. me too,my favorite scene in the whole series is when it shows alien mr. burns
  14. Just heard a joke on The Simpsons that I never noticed when I watched it as a kid
    It's the day when everyone has to sign up for a sport in school and Bart is trying to convince Milhouse to play hooky with him
    Back at school everyone is mobbing the sign-up tables for the popular sports
    Richard: Any sign of Bart and Milhouse?
    Lewis: No, and if they don't get here soon it'll be TS for them!
    And then they cut to a shot of a sign that says Tethered Swimming and they pan down to Ralph Wiggum swimming in place with a rope around him
    I didn't know the phrase TS until years later
  15. I love The Simpsons but I haven't seen it in like a year or two I definitely need to start watching it again tho I miss it.
  16. "Get that cat outta the way!!!"

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    Can't wait for Simpsons World to launch online.

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  17. I beat the smart kids I beat the smart kids. Ralph Wiggum 
    At my house we call them uh-oh Ralph Wiggum referring to fire 
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    Lisa: As you know, we've been swimming. And we've developed a taste for it. We both agree that getting our own pool is the way to go. Now before you respond, you must understand that your refusal would result in months and months of...

    Lisa/Bart: CanwehaveapoolDad? CanwehaveapoolDad? CanwehaveapoolDad? CanwehaveapoolDad? CanwehaveapoolDad?

    Homer: I understand. Let us celebrate our agreement with the adding of chocolate to milk.

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  19. Willie one liners are also hilarious.

    Willy: Good for you, lass. I got a zero once, and my life turned out just fine :cleans out toilet with hand:. Oooh.. that's a nasty clog... ooh, you've got yourself a partner have ya?

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  20. Bank clerk: Sorry, the bank is -- oh, kid. Gosh, I meant to tell you. Turns out Krusty is one of the biggest tax cheats in history. And they nailed him all thanks to you.
    Bart: (gasp)
    Bank clerk: Some might say you're a hero, kid. Not me, however, I loved Krusty.
    Krusty has apparently just flown his plane into the side of a mountain
    Chief Wiggum: Okay, folks. Show's over. Nothing to see here. Show's ov--OH, MY GOD! A horrible plane crash! Hey, everybody! Get a load of this flaming wreckage! Come on, crowd around. Crowd around, don't be shy. Crowd around.

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