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Discussion in 'General' started by sodomizedjello, May 8, 2006.

  1. i'm watching this show on national geographic, about prisions and stuff. i see these over-sized boys running around fighting each other and stuff. i was just wondering if there would be a decline in violent activity in prisions if they let them smoke bud in there. :smoke: just wondering.

    discuss. if you want. :)
  2. yea, i was watching the same thing just a while ago on national geographic. It seems that if all the gangs in Pelican Bay would just sit down in a circle a pass a spliff of some good sinsimillia the prison world would be a much better place, but some people will never change.
  3. but then some people would want to go to prison if they give you budd to just be mellow and not fight. I wouldn't but some of my friends would.
  4. just speaking hypothetically. like if it was legal or at the very least decriminalized and socially acceptable anywhere you go.
    just to make it a more chill environment. cos you know.. if everybody had a bong, everybody'd get along. heh.
  5. people smoke pot in jail anyway. if someone REALLY likes to fight, then pot doesnt change it a bit.
  6. x2..."that guy" is always gonna fight regardless of all else. i hate "that guy"

    ("that guy" meaning that guy you always see at parties and every time you see him he gets drunk and tries to fight someone)
  7. Prisoners need jello...

    for sodomization.
  8. fuck "that guy"

    i hate people like that.

    sorry for the hate, but i don't like when some douchebag kid at a party gets really drunk and starts shit.

    and for that matter, i've got a story to share about a kid who made a complete dick out of himself at a party not to long ago.

    i'll keep this short.

    the kid has started four fights with three people. (he came up to the same guy twice for absolutely no reason and threatened to beat his ass.) keep in mind he would be a senior in high school if he didn't drop out. so we are all partying, having a good time, under the impression that this kid is done starting shit with people, and he ends up starting shit with a kid who can't even walk because he's so drunk.

    i know for a fact that the kid didn't start shit with him, i was watching him sway in the doorwar from the kitchen to living room for at least 10 minutes. the other kid was walking in the room, with a plastic shopping bag of Ice House around his arm(looked like a homeless person almost) and he bumps into the swaying drunk kid.

    some random kid stands up and headlocks the swaying kid and drops him on the ground. the kid is dazed now and is staring blankly at the ceiling. out of no where, the kid who started the shit just kicks the dazed kid in the stomach.

    i was in awe. i couldn't believe he fucking kicked the kid in the stomach for absolutely no reason.

    i mean it wasn't a light kick, he got like 3 good steps in before he wound back to kick the kid. i felt so bad for him. he ran upstairs crying, i think more out of embarassment(the entire party was happening in the room it happened in) than pain.

    i had to smoke a bowl afterwards because watching it brought me down so much.
  9. what they need is some pcp so they can't feel pain. then they'd just kill each other and we wouldn't have a prison problem.

  10. LOL

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