the separation of the province of québec

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  1. i know they're many canadian on this fantastic web site and i wanna know what you think about the separation of the prvince of Québec and what you guys think bout french canadian (québecois)
  2. Would you mind informing me what the seperation of the province of quebec is? and possibly how it affects you? not tryin' to be a dick I'm just not Canadian but i'm curious as to what this seperation implicates n how it affects you.
  3. I don't really know what the actual political details are, only that I know Quebec has been wanting to secede for quite a long time. Personally, I feel that if there's enough of them to win a vote then they should. Hell I live in California and I'd LOVE to secede from the rest of the United States. Seriously.

    Oh and Canadians are cool. Except for the Montreal Canadiens. I still hate them for beating the Kings for the cup in 1993.
  4. I feel ya man, I'm in Massachusetts and I wish the northeast would secede from this fucking country. One can only hope..
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    the Québec is the only french speaking territory in north america,the biggest city is montréal and its a really nice weed idea,cheap cost and high quality
  6. I wish every state would secede so instead of one shitty country, it'd be 50 awesome mini countries. They're would be a country to fit every person's beliefs and ideals.
  7. ya man thats the solution for a free world but its harder than that
  8. Didn't you guys try this once, voted on it, but didn't get enough votes?

    Anyways, I think it's a joke.
  9. I think they did, at least that's what I recall anyway. But why is it a joke?
  10. I live 30 minutes from Quebec. French people drive crazy and are usually annoying.
  11. Back in the 90s, they had a referendum and Quebec stayed in the country by a vote of 51%-49%. The idea has way less support now so I doubt it will actually happen. Quebec leaving wouldn't really affect me.
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    You're my guy, Hiowa, and I'll have your back on most things, but I really disagree with you here. Without getting into a long-winded argument about this issue, I'll just ask this. How long do you think it would take for Texas, for example, to declare war on one of the other states that was just too far to the left, or too un-godly, for its liking?

    I'm sorry, but the thought of America dividing up the states to each do as they please just scares the shit out of me. Can you imagine how radically, dangerously different some places would rapidly become?

    It sounds so good in theory, but I just don't think it would work out anywhere near as nicely as it should. People aren't that rational :eek:
  13. Lol cmon Tuor, you should know the majority of things i say shouldn't be taken seriously.

    But, fuck Texas. Im sure like 45 states don't like Texas for something or other, so we could just beat em up.

    You're probably right though, and besides, i'd have to change my name if that happened bc there's no way in hell i'd be staying in Iowa.
  14. All good man. Let's just make our own place, somewhere in Northern Wis/the U.P

    Packerland maybe? Weed and football in the north woods, that's where I want to live :D
  15. Weed and Packers? Shit, might as well call it Heaven :smoke:

    Im sure we could get A-Rodge to fund it, I'm almost certain he's a stoner :laughing:

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