The second result when googled marijuana facts...such bullshit.

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  1. I googled marijuana facts to see what would come up when concerned parents are going to look up this topic when they find their kids smoking or in possession of something.  
    This is most likely what they will click on because of the 'above the influence' or will read more than one site and go on to the second one.  
    This information is pure bullshit out of some anti-marijuana activists' ass.
    What do you think?

  2. I'm not in the mood for crap, so I'm not clicking the link! If they have a place for comments, you can have some fun! :devious:  (likely not- places like that don't invite discussion, or DARE risk having the facts showing up, usually)
    Get a copy of my List and start posting up comments like this-
    Cannabis causes lung cancer?  Where are you getting your information? <em>FOX News or the National Inquirer? FYI- they are not reliable sources.  I get my information at PubMed and from medical journals-  </em>
    Marijuana habit not linked to lung cancer          (news – 2013)
    Effects of marijuana smoking on the lung.    (abst – 2013)
    Cannabis smoking and lung cancer risk: pooled analysis in the International Lung Cancer Consortium      (abst – 2013)
    Cannabis and the Lung: No More Smoking Gun?          (editorial – 2013)
    DARE to learn the medical facts about cannabis! Run a search for "Granny Storm Crow's List"!
    Posts like that get deleted as soon as they are noticed by the staff, but usually someone will see them before they go!   And there is a rather slim chance that the deleter may actually read the comment and begin to have the tiniest glimmer of doubt about the "facts" their boss told them!
    We will win the " drug war on cannabis" by educating people, one at a time!  Once the medical facts become known, the need for legalization becomes obvious!
  3. [​IMG]
    I clicked on it....their weed looks like shit! No thanks....If that's the shit they are smoking it's no wonder they hate weed so much! LOL
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    That's a problem with clinical studies too. In most government-sanctioned studies they're given absolute shit weed grown in a shit place by people that don't give a fuck about the plant or what it's used for. 
    Anyways, not gonna discuss this further because I've come to realize that it's not worth getting worked up over everything that pisses you off in the drug world. If you're in the mood and haven't looked it up yet, take a look at the U.S. Controlled Substances list... Apparently LSD, DMT, Psylocybin, and even WEED are all as bad as heroin (Schedule I)! But nooo, cocaine (And crack) and meth are schedule II!
    BTW: The lower the schedule the worse it's considered. I.E. Schedule V drugs are not considered to be that bad at all, and Schedule I drugs are supposed to be life-ruining satan drugs. 
    It's things like this that make me sad the general public will never know the truth about. Everyone automatically trusts the media and government, and as long as that's happening this society will never get any better.
    The general public knows the truth. The drug war isn't about truth. It is about being able to take property, and pretending you are a moral person.
  6. Lmao, shortened attention span. If anything, weed has helped me focus more then any ADHD medication.
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    I have a friend that has extremely severe ADHD, among other things. Basically at various times he'll be acting like he's on an insane amount of caffeine, and can get so bad that he can be nearly impossible to deal with. When he smokes a good amount of indica (Not too much, his tolerance is still lower as he has only recently realized what this does for him) he says his ADHD is effectively nonexistent. He is on Adderall, Vyvanse (Yes, both), IIRC Prozac, mood stabilizer(s), etc (I don't keep specific records of my friends' medications lol), and all of those scripts don't do half of what a hit or two of good indica does for him. Oddly enough though, potent sativa strains do NOT yield the same benefits. They help in some aspects still, but if he was relaxed to an extent before smoking the sativa it would possibly make him even more energetic.

  8. Wow I attempted suicide and had bad depression before I started smoking pot but it kinda opened my eyes to all the good shit worth living for so ill stay under the influence
  9. Yeah I was in and out of behavioral hospitals and counseling during high school before I started smoking pot.  If I hadn't I don't know where I'd be
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    LOL the science is on our side. All they have is smoke and mirror BS.
    Oh yeah it's SO dangerous! That must be why according to science, cannabinoids are more of a supplement to our body than a "drug." Also why pharmaceutical groups and the US Gov are gobbling up patents regarding the supreme antioxidant profile, allowing a reduction of free-radical damage that treats ALL "free radical" related conditions - oh wait, that's almost EVERY "age-related" disease!
    So dangerous!
    And it has neuroprotectant and neurogenesis effects too... That's bad for you, right? They are shooting themselves in the foot and it's hilarious! The science says that cannabinoids help to regulate every bodily system for the better, stimulates neurogenesis (more brain cells/makes you smarter), protects the mind against degenerative conditions, treats nearly every disease and condition available, is the cheapest drug there is and you can't OD on it.
    Those assclowns only make themselves look bad by promoting misinformation.
    After all, even the YOUTH are becoming more aware of the science. It gets pretty dang hard to convince them that weed = satan when the facts say otherwise.
    Consider too that at some point, teaching about the Endocannabinoid system will be a part of every science/biology class.
    The reefer madness crazies are definitely on their way out.
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    how much longer can they sweep a recently found cannabis friendly body parts function under the rug. The exciting thing is now we are learning of cannabis more collectively and there are so many more helpful for us plants that we know little of so in a way cannabis is leading the way .

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