The second coming of the music poll!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Aurora, Apr 30, 2003.


What's your flava?

  1. Alternative Rock (general mainstream)

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  2. Classic Rock

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  3. Hardcore Rock

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  4. Punk Rock

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  5. Metal

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  6. Rap, Hip-Hop (underground and/or mainstream), Turntablism

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  7. R&B, Soul

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  8. Trance, House, Techno, Drum & Bass (general electronic)

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  9. Pop (Justin is such a hottie! *scream*)

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  10. What i listen to isn't listed here/other

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. multiple choice baby!!!

    it should be interesting to find out what type of music most of us blades listen to. have fun ^_^

    edit: ugh! i forgot reggae...
    edit again: and ska...double ugh...
  2. There were a few things you left out that I likes, Classical and Funk mostly (neither of those fit into any of the categories). You explained the ones you did include pretty well though, nice job.
  3. i chose:
    classic rock (which i hope also includes prog rock)
    and other... because

    i also listen to Classical, Jazz, a li'l bit of contemporary world music, ambient and my own strangeness.
  4. punk
    bit o classical
    bit o everything really exept the humerous pop/justin one :D
  5. jam bands i mean you gotta have that i mean we are all stoners right
  6. a few of my favorite artists include:

    Everything but the Girl
    BT (he's singlehandedly brought the validity back to modern electronic dance music)
    Adam F (a true musical drum and bass prodigy)

    i guess like most other people, i listen to a lot of other stuff as well but those are some of the favorites.
  7. yeah man wheres the jam
  8. Metal, classic rock, and some rap. cmon dont be shy, i know some of you like justin...

  9. so i like his dance what? :rolleyes: :D
  10. i chose classic rock, because damn i love joplin, zeppelin, hendrix, the doors, the beatles, rolling stones, the who, and so-on...

    but i also love jambands too (too many to list my dear), and damnit they are not listed up there. so i chose classic rock only.
  11. I chose the alternative one but I like all kinds. For instance right now I am listening to Led Zeppelin-"Ramble on". So I like:
    Hard Rock
    Classic Rock
    Heavy metal
    Some rap and R&B
    some top 40 stuff

    I guess it depends on my mood and what I am doing at the time. Like if I am smoking weed I often listen to Pink Floyd,Led Zeppelin,Saliva,Linkin Park,Tantric,Eminem,Dr.Dre,Adema,Slipnot,Hoobastank,Nickelback,Bloodhound Gang,Alice in Chains,Sublime.............

    I could go on and on.

  12. i can see why you'd feel that way about most music nowadays but i think it just all comes down to what your musical preferences are. even if it happens to be mainstream "bling bling'in" hip-hop (for the sake of discussion) then i don't think people should put down anyone else's type of music simply cause they don't like it.
  13. i voted for the last one as indie was not an option.......i do listen to others but mainly indie.......Peace out.......Sid
  14. the cool thing about music is that there is good stuff wherever you look, sticking to one genre is just stupid man, theres so much good stuff out there
  15. Read my sig, it won't take long.
  16. Hey, that was my hundredth post, blam!
  17. well's to hundreds more.......Peace out........Sid
  18. metal, punkrock, hardcore... no rap, I hate that shit..

  19. and let me guess, you're a white male and you live in middle anytown america. oh, was i stereotyping? i just assumed that my ignorant comments would'nt be too out of place...given the various opinions being hurled around here.

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