The Second American Revolution (Civil War 2)

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  1. December 2, 2012.

    In a matter of seconds, northern half of USA goes into black out, due to huge solar flares.

    There are still electricity in the South, but Kansas soon cuts off its power going into Nebraska.

    California follows Kansas by cutting off the power to Oregon, and North Carolina declares itself to be part of South Carolina, to avoid being cut off by the South.

    In the North, government is unable to restore power, and thousands of people die in the cold, and discontent and unrest is becoming uncontrollable.

    In the next five days, North will still have no power, and millions of people in the north are going to die, from cold, and from massive murder spree that takes place in the absence of government control.

    Chaos spreads all over the Northern America, and soon, people are moving South, to find warmth and food, and to avoid being raped and murdered by the lawless bandits.

    Ten days after the black out, America is at war.

    Between the North, and the South.
  2. [​IMG]

    I'm just putting this map of power grid, so that I'll make more accurate writing about how the war is going to break out.

    Thanks to Solipsis NPC, who provided the map.
  3. Note to myself : How long does it take for humans to de-civilize?
  4. the south will rise Again
  5. I say let the south just take America and the rest of us can start a new country.

    have fun with your dept and other bullshit
  6. Just out of curiosity, where are you getting this information?
  7. lmao are you serious ? Or is this for a sci fi book your trying to write or something?
  8. Mostly I'm getting the information from History Channel. And NGC and Discovery, of course.

    HBO, MTV, FTV, KBS, SBS, CNN, BBC, ABC, EFG, HIJ, and various Porns.

    It's a book I'm thinking.

    Well, not a book, but a short story.

    May be... 5-6 pages?

    A script for a movie, if you want.

    It's actually not even a script, it's just an idea.

    An idea of what could happen in the future.

    Based on what I think.

    So it's a story.

    Just a story.
  9. It's a struggle between people with power, and people with no power.
  10. Fun times !
  11. Hah and the South would still lose again.....
  12. fek it, i'm moving canada, eh?
  13. Before I forget, note to myself :

    Not a single shot was fired on that day, it was a silent war.
  14. And it didn't happen along the geological borders, but it happened throughout the entire North America including Canada, and it happened as South as Mexico.
  15. sounds like a good read bro.

    i read what you wrote in nirvana a couple months back. lol. what the fuck; you were right. i wish i never read that, i still remember it. -_- lmfao

    you sure can write though. i enjoy you're posts

  16. Sorry to have traumatized bro. :)
  17. You mention the decivilization of humanity in this crisis. I would remind you that in the 24 to 48 hours after 9/11, NYC was crime free. Some crisis' cause people to come together (the source of civilization) rather than immediately go into an "every man for himself" mode. In the situation you describe I have a MUCH more optimistic idea of how humans would respond. I think people would come together and help each other, like after Japans earthquake or something like that.
    War would only happen if them damn yankees came down here and didn't know how to act.:D
  18. The south will get their asses handed to them again.
  19. GGrass if you narrate and write my life story I will give you my first born.

    GGrassism :love:

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