The safest place to hide your bud when driving??

Discussion in 'General' started by EASYlivin, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. My friend tells me that the crotch is the best place for carrying 1-2ounces. ( if wearing jeans)

    Where are your stash spots? I usually just throw it under my seat or in a jacket in the back seat. But recently I almost got in a car accident while carrying 1 1/2 ounces. I was so fuckin scared because im on parole. Ahh!

    Maybe the trunk?
  2. Trunk or glove box, they need a warrant to search those, although I've had cops straitup have me get out of the car, search the car, take the keys and open the glove box and the trunk without my consent. I would hope that shit wouldn't hold up in court, but theres no such thing as "justice"

    What i used to do is put my shit in multiple bags and line the roof with it, where the windshield meets the interior roof theres a little pocket up there in most cars that you can stuff shit up into, I've never had a cop look up while searching my car ever, except for a quick check of the visors.
  3. He doesnt need a warrant. Once you have given him consent to search, he can look anywhere. If you dont, and he gets a dog, which will probably mark your car, he also has right to search.

    Try finding hidden compartments in your car. I have a small space near my foot pedels, or my ac knob comes off to reveal a nice little place. The best place is high and in the middle. So if you have a light, turn it into a stash spot. Dogs have a less chance of sniffing it out

  4. Thanks! Tomorrow im going to search my car for spots. :D
  5. honestly?
    up your ass.
  6. A whole ounce....gulp :(
  7. yeah my car a little nice slit right behind the glove box when its open and i have a lot of other little compartments i found by searching my own car like a cop :p ever car is diffrent ime, so look around your car and be creative.
  8. Oh well in that case...

    make sure wherever you do stash it, that the place is up high, so the dog is less likely to smell it.

    Also when you are stashing it, wear gloves and don't touch anything else in your car after touching the weed and stashing it.

    Remember the higher the place the better. Think headliner.
  9. Cornhole, man. Cornhole.
  10. Take a screw driver and a few minutes and remove an interior panel or two. There is usually a kick panel on the passenger side of the car near where your right foot would be. With about 5 minutes of time you can have a nice stash spot that only a canine can find. You can keep a screw driver in the glove box for removal. I have done it many times...
  11. I hide it in the fuze panel. Should be right next to your left knee. Unless you have a newer car the fuses are under the hood.
  12. well i owuld never travel with that much. but on the way to hockey tourneys, i oftern will place my protopipe with a loaded bowl and a packed res in the overhead of the xterra. on them they have a comp above the driver at on the roof rack that can be opened and closed to hold maps and such, since it is outside an on top the vechile, it is hard to find, and 8' off the ground in the middle of an suv if a dog wants to find it.
  13. In the back of my car i opened up my seat removed the cushions, Stuffed a wood box in it and made a door then covered the door lock so the you cant even notice :)
  14. People shouldn't be posting where they hide things in their car.

    This is useful information for any law enforcement reading these forums.
  15. thats the first time ive read about someone else with a proto. sweet man, proto was my first piece and i think 3rd/4th. handy little bastards, burn real damn well too
  16. Has anyone tried putting in the engine bay? Like in their intake box.. In az it doesn't rain much so you can empty your windshield fluid and stick it in the their.
  17. my cup holder is between my driver and passenger seat by the shift stick built into tha car not seperate. so i can lift it up, hide bud and parafenilia under it and then put it back down, and its unnoticable. trew.
  18. In your hand.
  19. don't fucking tell people that the coops could read that shit.

    but I guess you described it poorly so it doesn't even matter. I've found Jeep Wranglers are the best for that.
  20. If you have like a gram<, I put the baggie in my mouth while I drive. If I see a copper pulling me over, I'm swallowing that shit, I don't give a fuck. I make sure it's tied loose though cause I'm not gonna barf that shit up to smoke it or shit it out. I'll just see if I get anything off it being burned in my stomache.

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