The Road

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Johnny Blazed, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - 'The Road' Trailer in HD[/ame]

    from the same guy that wrote no country for old men

    it came out today, anybody else plan on seeing it?
  2. You read the book bro?

    I defiently plan to see it since I read the book.

  3. no but i enjoyed the movie

    it wasnt really what i expected but its a good movie about a guy and his kid fighting to stay alive in a end of the world

    im just pissed i never found out what killed everybody
  4. the book was great so il have to give the movie a try. and vigo looks gangster
  5. So I had a redbox adventure last night - I smoked it up, wandered around the grocery store, wanted to get a redbox there but sure enough there were 3 kids using the machine. I HATE redboxes for this reason - I can't stand to sit there while people take their sweet time - Redboxes are super sketchy but what else is there 30 mins past midnight? So I hopped on the iPhone and reloed to gas station redbox and rented The Road. After that I went home and prepared some munchies and started watching... Stoners beware this movie is in my opinion "not cool" if your stoned. It's not for the feint of heart and after the most climatic scene in the show I called it and turned it off for the night. I wouldn't watch thisshow in an altered state. However the film is excellent in so many aspects - I watched the rest the next day... It has a great storyline, excellent acting, and striking cinematography.

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