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The RMJL has 4802 thread...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Congads sweetness for letting us have th pleasure of your time..

    May you get 4800 more...........

    Got to be one of the hottest females at the city..........
  2. Thank you, sweetheart!!! Congrats on your 6700! We rock, huh??? :D

    I love you, Bud Head!

    ***You too, Bongish!!!! Thanks!
  3. Yay Rumjil Get's [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]!!!

    Well Done Babe!!!
  4. Hey, you helped me reach the big 4800 tonight, boss man!!! :D

  5. As you did with me getting 2000 ;) earlier otherwise i would of most probably left if weren't for ya.
  6. congrats RMJL!!!! i've got a long ways to go !!!!
  7. good job on all that posting, loadin a bowl right now
  8. congrats on the 4800, but bud head at 6700? holy shit, coming up on 7000!!
  9. Comgrats RMJL!
  10. nice one! hahah way to be!

    thats alot of posts. it seem to take a while to get a high post count here.

    at my old boards... i had 9000, and the top person had about 60000, and that was after like 2 years only. pretty nuts.

  11. Yeah, well...the moderators fucking delete everything around here!!!! ;)

    Thanks guys!

    I really do love the City and my stoner family in it!!!! You guys are great!!!
  12. lol

    Try to count to 4800, takes awhile eh..try typing out that many posts..sheesh...gj rumjil ;)

    you are awsome.
  13. yay! i got naked in this great honor. (thought itd only be appropriate) :)
  14. pffft..we need some pics for proof!!

    atleast mail rumjil
  15. *sits back and pictures sensi naked*

    *falls over*

    *gets up*

    *falls over again*


    I love you!!!

  16. whats new with you naked, blah.....all the time....haha

    and 4,800 is crazy........good job...

    hopes to be that high one day....:)

    edit: i was just scrollin up...lookin at all the reg. dates....crazy stuff... i guess ime flys when your havin fun, huh.....
  17. Sensi naked at the city is a normal thing rigth?

    RMJL i hope to see ya around a few more post..... LOL
  18. good job thats a fucking lot!

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