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The Ritual.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ThusFar, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. #1 ThusFar, Feb 14, 2009
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    Anyone else find the whole ritual of preparing to smoke fun? what i mean is i love entire process grinding and rolling a nice blunt. Lighting it up and just puff puff pass till Im high as a kite.

    I just find the process like foreplay right before the big climax. Or is there anyone that could care less about the entire ritual of smoking and if you could snap your fingers and be instantly high the less hassle you would go through the better.

  2. I very much enjoy the smoking ritual. Grind it up right before you smoke, give it a good whiff, and spark it up. The act of smoking is my favorite part of the ritual. (what a surprise lol)

    The problem I have is I smoke so little, the bowl is gone like that, but I get super baked, so it all balances out.

  3. lol exactly how i feel
  4. :cool:We Smoke Weed Smoke.
  5. i love it. i also love how the ritual slows down so much and is so much more careful if you're already high.
  6. i love it! i love the smell of the weed, the look of it, looking at the bowl, looking at the weed while packing it, and actually taking that first hit. mmmmmmm
  7. I love the process. I'm a blunt smoker and I've come a looooong way in the art of blunt rolling. Now I can produce a good blunt and I'm proud to smoke it with others. My bestie is always the crusher. She picks those buds apart with love. Finally sparking up after all my hard work is totally worth it.
  8. I great deal of the pleasure of smoking is the act of preparing and smoking itself.
  9. Haha, 16 votes love, noone hates this shit!
  10. #10 HighHaze, Feb 14, 2009
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    i think the ritual is almost as euphoric as getting high.

    sometimes i find myself stalling just to increase the amount of time spent doing the ritual. i think i do it because the longer u wait to take that first toke, the better it is (but not too fuckin long)
  11. haha i love that noone picked the other option in the poll! man the ritual is great.
  12. I love the ritual as much as everyone else. No matter how experienced you are at rolling, everyone just seems to take a few minutes to appreciate their work before turning it to ash.
  13. wow thats a great way to word it
  14. Obviously the way you worded the question NO ONE is going to choose "Its such a hassle, i just want to get High!" :/
  15. Haha, on a forum full of stoners what did you expect?
  16. ten bucks says some idiot will vote no just to mess up the poll.......TEN BUCKS
  17. lol i didnt read the thread I thought this was a ritual like in half baked terms.. with the shoe off and all. I said no. O well I like to get high.
  18. I laughed when I saw the poll results; true admirers of the lovely darling populate this place :)
  19. My roommates and I can't blaze in our room anymore so our ritual is pretty much grinding up a few bowl packs and bundling up to go out into the shitty NH weather.

  20. That doesn't sound like a problem! :( I have to smoke a lot before I can get super baked...or even a decent high.

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