The Ritual We All Follow

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  1. i get home from school say hello to my mom and tell her i had a good day i go down the stairs go in my room close the door and deadbolt lock it and chain it i throw my bag on the floor, i lay on my bed arms behind my head legs crossed thinking about my day and then after spacing out significaly i turn to my bedside table take my altoids box and the ritual begins, i take a nug of fresh skunk take my little pocket knife scisors and chop it into fine crumbs take a zig zag make a joint while forgeting about anything else i grab my budweiser zippo and with my hands still full i manage to put a vynil on my record player preferably punk music , real punk music i lay back light up and i go up in smoke.

    I find that the actual process of geting ready to smoke is as soothing as the smoke session itself what do you think? write your own ritual and lets share experiences [​IMG]
  2. pack bowl
    light bowl
    get stoned
  3. Mine is quite close to yours, minus the mom part. But I go to a few classes, get home, see if any of my roommates are home if so we go to my room. Pull out our bags roll up a J or 2. Light an incent since one of my roommates works at a headshop, Put my Itunes on shuffle,since my record player stop working recently. :( But yea good ol' punk rock comes through my speakers too.
  4. vynils are so great
  5. this.
  6. For some reason i alwaus have to have a drink during my session. So i start by getting a drink (mtn dew, tea, juice etc.). If i can i turn on some tunes. Clean out the bong water. Add some ice. Load a bowl, and milk my bong. But without music or something to drink. It just isnt right.
  7. I work sunrise shift (3 am-8 am), but when I get home I hop in the shower, hop out, and get some clothes on.

    Then I fill the bong with fresh water
    fresh ice
    fresh bud
    and I have a fresh smoke :smoke:

    Been listening to MED and Quasimoto a lot lately when I blaze but any underground hiphop will do.

    Oh and then I cook me some fuckin breakfast! :D

    And since I only sleep 5 or so hours before work, I will take a couple hour nap when I come down..


    WAKE N BAKE :devious:
  8. Wait until roughly 1 am when my mother goes to sleep. I then put on some dope music and get myself a cup of water. I then proceed to open my window and put my fan in the window facing outwards and light a candle. I load up a few bowls in my one hitter and smoke a cigarette. The reason for this ocd shit is my mothers room is within 4 feet of my room so I gotta keep that smell on low-key. Don't even smoke during the day :(
  9. ^^ that sucks I know how you feel I use to smoke la legal herb when I was in the military at the bricks or our rooms lol and had to wait real late and had to be real real careful about it
  10. music(rap)
    roor steamroller
    jack off
  11. sitdown
    open safe
    pack bowl
    put grandpas old pabst blue ribbon ashtray on my desk
    light up a ciggerette
    smoke the bowl
    smoke more ciggerettes
    play lineage 2
  12. I just love handling nice bud, there's just something I can't explain about breaking a beautiful bud up and packing a bowl or better yet the proccess of rolling a real nice joint.

    Yeah since I'm smoking on the down low I always have the exact ritual of smoking in the shower. Put shower on, break up weed, pack bowl, clean sink, put eyedrops in then have a shower. It's so calming, kind of like meditation.
  13. Vinyl. It is vinyl.
  14. Get home
    walk in my front door
    great my dog and pet him for a little bit
    get ice
    go to my room
    reach behind my bed
    grab my bong
    Load a fat bowl
    Put ice in bong
    Put on music on my speakers
    turn volume up
    turn subs all the way up
    hold smoke:cool:
    blow smoke rings
  15. Get home
    Head to my room, throw my bag onto my chair, and take off my coat.
    Grab my glasses, head down to basement
    Goto secret stash, pull out the bong
    Pull out a sesh paper, open it and insert weed.

    put it away
    relax (tv, computer, music)
  16. i roll, walk down to convenience store with this shopping list:
    -Pink Crush
    -Jamaican Patties
    -Sour Patch Gummies :D
  17. It's almost clockwork for me haha. I get home from work and go straight to the kitchen and make tea and toast. Smash that down roll one up grab my head phones and spark it on my back varanda while sipping a cold glass of water :smoke:
  18. For home:
    Grab something to drink and eat. Sit on my couch with everything ready in my stoner frisbee-tray. Launch a movie or some tunes.

    Or, i'll just pack my sneaky pipe and go for a walk, find a nice spot, smoke, then i head back home to watch a movie or play some games.

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