The Risks of Ordering a Quality Bong Online

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  1. Hi GC,

    I'm in the market for a quality glass bong. In fact, I'm currently looking at a short, straight green glass illadelph for $280. The thing is, paraphernalia of any kind is illegal in my state so I can't just pop into a local head shop because THERE AREN'T ANY.:( dilemma:

    How safe is it to order a bong online?
    Where are a few reputable sites that will discretely ship quality glass to states with strict paraphernalia laws?
    Ever heard of Aqua Lab Technologies? Would they be good to buy from?
    Should I buy through a prepaid Visa card or some other way?

    Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


  2. What state do you live in if you don't mind me asking? Paraphernalia is illegal in any state, but that doesn't mean water pipes for tobacco use are illegal. You shouldn't have any problems whatsoever ordering a bong online, there are many reputable online spots so just do some research. :wave:

  3. I don't mind at all. I'm currently hanging my hat in the pot smoker's wasteland that is South Carolina. I've done a bit of research already I just want to make sure I order it in a way that is less likely to attract attention or leave a "trail." Thanks og
  4. dude where in sc? i'm in greenville and there are like 3 headshops within 15 minutes of my house...
  5. Not close to Greenville... besides, do they sell illadelph?
  6. High, fellow SC toker.

    Don't be worried about it at all. It is a legal product. They don't want to waste their time trying to pop some guy who has a waterpipe. Have you ever been to Seneca...Ha. And what do you mean there aren't any headshops? There are two reputable glass stores within 20 minutes of me. What city?
  7. Myrtle Beach did away with all the 4:20 outlets a few years back so no head shops round since then.:(
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    good luck with that.. even if you use a prepaid visa you'll have to get it shipped to your residence. or you could use a po box, but even if you do that it can still be traced to you since you used your name for it. also, anything and everything you do online can be traced back to your ip if the right people want to trace you.
  9. Yeah man but from what I understand, you can't be held accountable for something that arrives at your home via the post as long as no one can prove you requested/bought it. Oh and of course you're right about the ip. Let's hope the FBI has better things to do!
  10. I live in columbia and go to myrtle beach alot. there are definitely some shops there that sell glass, just look in stores that look like they would sell bongs and i guarantee you will find one. also ordering a bong online is perfectly legal and i suggest ordering off of the grasscity website

  11. i didn't think grasscity shipped to the us, or maybe ive smoked too much.
  12. I hope those sites dont ship paraphenalia. Actually, i dont think ANY sites will ship para. but i kow a bunch that sell water pipes...:rolleyes:
  13. come to myrtle beach and go to purple haze on seaboard street you can pm me if you need more info. they sell roor, kaos, 5150 and a bunch of other nice brands
  14. I have shipped and got glass in the mail recently with no problems. Aquatec is good. You can find better.
  15. by law a waterpipe is not drug paraphenllia until there is TRACEABLE amounts of THC in the pipe... if it looks clean more often then not the cop wont jack w. you EXPECIALLY if it still has a price tag on it.
  16. aqualab is legit. shipping glass is a common practice and the gov. can't fuck with you unless it's used.

    you won't be dissappointed. and you can use your regular cc. nothing bad will happen.
  17. i just want to make a few points here...

    by the logic above that the FBI is looking for pothead's IP address's, we are all screwed seeing as everyone here is leaving a e-trail by posting on a website dedicated to MJ. people post pictures about their highly illeagle growing operations here. they often give out personal information on their name and location.

    long story short. the FBI already has enough evidence to arrest you for MJ possesion, i highly doubt they will though.

    oh, and dude, lay off the weed, your way to parinoid lol
  18. not parinoid. but i do know that there is an agency that does absolutely nothing but screen EVERYONE'S online interactions.... no need to be parinoid.. they know that this message mentions them, and will before you do :p
  19. you can get a nice cap diffused mgw + a nice little slide for that money fuck the illy

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