The Ring

Discussion in 'General' started by HydroDrops, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. Has anyone else seen this movie? I loved it. The whole thing was good and scary. Especially the part where you actually watch the tape and seeing little girl and such. Anyway I don't want to give to much away. What does everyone else think about this perfect Halloween movie.
  2. I havent seen it. YET. I heard such good things about it so I want to see it. Im not one to be scared, more thrilled at these kinds of flicks so Im looking foward to it..I heard it was scary as hell..
  3. Stupid americans......

    remaking one of the greatest asian horror movies ever... in fact.... one of the greatest horror movies period!!!

    I've seen most of the american version and I thought it was awful. The original is scary, and much better, because of the highly attractive nubile oriental chicks.... *cough*

    Sorry to sound mean.

    Oh.... and no offence to americans.

    Death to America!


    joke :D
  4. oooooooooooh yeah I heard this..It is a remake..I totally forgot about this..well like a lot of the remakes, I usually somewhere a long the way try to watch the original just to see..Ill give credit where credit is due..
  5. Quote from arseface:Is it true that calling people 'oriental' is an insult in America? I was in LA in the summer, and someone told me that it was an insult.<P>
    No calling someone oriental isn't an insult in America. Unless mabey if the guy you were describing wasn't Oriental.
    I guess the original movie was titled Ringu, and after tonight I will have watched it also (thanks Kazaa :D) Hopefully it will be even better than the American version.
  6. hydrodrops... I know i have heard that before...
    I need to right this down because when I am sober enuf to remeber i will have forgottern what im tryna remember like i already did
  7. If your asking about where you heard the term hydrodrops before its from a skit on some old rap cd that I listened to back in the day. The stuff was like pure THC eye drops that you put in and they got you really stoned. To bad they didn't give any ordering info on the cd. A smile to anyone that can name that cd.

  8. Nas - Nastradamus

    ' :) '
  9. No offence to any of them......

    .... but why do "gangster" rappers always have pretentious album names???

    Like 2Pac "Makiavelli", Nas "Nastradamus", Snoop "Tha Doggfather"........

    There's loads......

    but why?
  10. Thanks sn00py!

    :) :D :) :D :) :D

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