The richest one per cent of Americans earn nearly a quarter of the country's income

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  1. Oh, sweet.

    So, now what. I have this information, and so do you, but what do we do with it? Hmm? I mean you must of showed me this for a reason, and a good reason, not just so we can get high and do some NWO fear mongering and hating.

    Oh, that's right, that is what you wanted. Another fear mongering, Neo-con discussion about how evil these rich people are.

    Pfft they didn't become rich just on their good looks, who are you to get mad because they are actually go-getters enough to do what's good for them. Survival of the fittest, only the weakest aren't dead, they just bitch about how much their life sucks compared to yours.
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    That's funny. Go-getters? They're just good at seeing nothing but profit, no matter the cost. Also, they're supposed to be the "job creators".
  3. Rich people have a shitload of money.

    whoda thought?

  4. sheeple will think like sheeple...clueless and in bliss. :rolleyes:

  5. They also pay the greatest share of the taxes that keep this nation afloat. I would expect nothing less from al jazeera than a piece like this trashing America. Looks like middle eastern muslim propaganda to me.
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    Trashing America? Wake up, dude.

  7. Please, expound on that thought...."wake up, dude". What do I need to wake up to? Tell me what I'm missing.
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    To the idea that we are beyond critcism, especially when it's actually true. You'd find plenty of domestic sources saying the exact same thing.
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    You generalize so much it's sad.
    Every CEO of some big ass corporation is a war mongering murderer?
    You people are crying because the rich are rich, and you aren't lol. America has only been trash since the the past two generations of people have been grown adults. The rich aren't solely responsible for the destruction of the economy, in fact they actually do provide jobs. Lazy ass bitches who complain about them all day on internet forum's contribute what to society?
    Absolutely nothing.

    How about you start going to work everyday, and how about we as a nation stop federal government expansion? Why do you go to work? Do you go to pay some fucking bullshit taxes to support people who simply opt out of being productive? Perhaps if we started being responsible, and started managing money better our country wouldn't be fucked.

  10. Okay. I'll take your word for it. Show us a domestic source saying the same thing.

  11. It's much easier to sit back and whine and moan. I've been there. Some people grow out of it, some don't.
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    Excuse me? What?
    Right. It has nothing to do with the fact that their bracket pays less as a percentage in taxes than I do. Oh, and the government gives them more money. I'm just misinformed, jealous and poor. Who's generalizing again?

    I didn't say they were. It's not fair that they make profits as unemployment increases.
    Yeah. Overseas.
    I beg your fucking pardon? I'm replying to you via my iPhone, because I'm working right now. I work outside 5 days a week pressure washing, groundskeeping, and maintenance. I pay my share in taxes and I own a car and live on my own. Tell me again: who's generalizing here? Fucking ignoramus.

  13. The wealthiest 1% pay 37% of the taxes. 40% of the people in America pay none. Read my link above. Show me a domestic source for you information. Please.
  14. Well we are likely to see the rich get more tax breaks and cutting of social security and other great programs. Let us wait and see if this really 'helps' the nation. The ball is your court and those of you who side with the ruling class, I have news for you: You are winning. We are seeing that the government is taking a far right turn and we will see if the great ruling class will save this nation. I wouldn't hold my breath though.
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    How much in taxes do they pay out of their total income? That's the key here. Just google "tax increase for the wealthiest". You'll find heaps. You might just dismiss it as anti-American, though.
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    I live overseas currently, American corporations are providing so much for the people here. No they fucking aren't. China and Asia maybe, but most of the companies that have outsourced to "Asia" probably have quite a few shareholders there. It's not like every country in the world is experiencing the failing world economy. Oh wait...

    Awe poor you, working outside and owning a car. My point in posting is to simply show how lazy people are. Let's blame it on the corporations and rich, that's going to solve our problems. Read some history books, maybe take a few poli sci classes. Hopefully you will learn that the rich are always going to be upper echelon when it comes to national politics, nothing will change by you posting on a pro cannabis forum about the "tax breaks" that upper class people get.

    You are fucking hypocrite, those people get taxed quite alot. Nothing that any middle class or lower class person could even comprehend. Stop playing the blame game and instead of complaining on the forums why not vote to end this useless tax expansion?

    Are you a communist? Unrelated question..

  17. It's THEIR money. Not the government's money. They pay proportionately more than anyone. Where do you think grants and scholarships come from? Wealthy people. Hating the wealthy is class warfare and it always comes from those who wish America harm. Al Jazeera is such an organization. I'm still waiting for a domestic source you claimed would say the same thing.

    I don't dismiss things simply because I don't like them. I dismiss things when they don't line up with the facts and reality.

  18. Steve Jobs paid 15% taxes on his 40mil.+ revenue

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