The "Revs" Soil Mix

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  1. Has anyone used this soil and have a journal or pictures of the grow? Also any comments on how it went/how long you let it sit or "cook' before using/or any amendments to the mix you would make!! Thanks :wave:
  2. Some of us here have seen The Rev's mix and were not impressed. Try a search using his name and you may come across some posts.

    His and Kyle Kushmans Veganics is seen as a marketing scam by and large.
  3. I haven't read the book but i'm sure it doesn't recommend usage of rock dust..

  4. Not too many rev heads here bro. He comes around from time to time under a fake name, promotes himself, then runs away instead of answering questions. We do have outstanding soil recipes in the stickys, and we do explain why these recipes are good in the stickys. Once you know why we add certain things, then you can customize your own soil mix. And you will have the satisfaction of using your own brain pan, instead of being a follower of the latest pot star. And all this goes for Kyle Kushman, sub cool, matt rise, and others. These guys did not invent horticulture or advance the science of horticulture, but they do have legions followers, (so did hitler) faint praise indeed. If your a serious grower intent on advancing your knowledge I would read all posts by Lumper Dawgs2 and Microbeman.........MIW

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    Below lies is a repost, but it's all I have to say about the Rev:

    I bought an issue of Skunk once. In the Rev's column that month he said "TLO" 28 times over a 4 page spread and not much else unless you think layering different soils and spiking is a good idea. He also suggested pouring Fox Farms Big Bloom into your AACT. The photos looked like ads for roots organic and fox farm. The best part is that his writing sounds like the Tommy Lee chapters of the Motley Crue autobiography. While it's true that nobody is right all the time, I think that counts extra for the Rev.
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  20. Well thanks guys a ton because I was really going to go out and buy all of this stuff. So is there no such these as an organic soil that you mix, let ferment, then just water and add teas twice a week? I currently have Mexican High N Bat guano Epsoma Garden Lime (pelletized), Green Sand, Kelp Meal... Dr. Earth Alfalfa Meal and Soft Rock Phosphate... I also have Azomite and Perlite... I know these things are good but I geuss have no idea on the ratios... Any suggestions or advice would be highly appreciated.

    I also plan on getting EWC.

    Thank You Very Much.

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