The Reality Of Reality

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  1. The reality of reality is that everything you know to "value" and "understand" is just an abstraction. See all these terms like "meaning" and "value" are just human creations. The universe does not necessarily serve a purpose. What we know is just a very small blip in human existence, most likely. Human existence is a very small blip on a universal grid. Our universe might be one of trillions upon trillions to have been created making our universe yet another blip. Reality is small. We are very small, but we often forget. We also often forget or negate the fact that under every action lies a presence of "animal". We are one hundred percent animal, not much different then the average chimp. That notion scares me. Everyone you see we know view as some how much more superior, sane, and fully competent in comparison to an "animal". As if this human lacks animalistic, but no we are all just creatures relying purely on extinct. Well, maybe not purely. But yes, at the end of the day our "purpose" is unclear. Millions of years from now even, it won't matter if I went to college, or if Bill killed Jane, or who the first gay female black Jewish president was. Humans could as well play role in a good ol' fashion Indians verse European royal between aliens. Aliens must exist in such an expansive universe. We need to get over ourselves, but it's in our nature not too. No one really has any clue is what I'm getting at. All so small. So yeah while recently discovering the reality of reality fully, I'm still well aware of what I should do. Beauty and happiness and joy are real. If I've been given this amazing random chance to experience ANYTHING, why not do it? So don't kill myself, check. If I'm going to ride it out, might as well do it right? Right? So yes do life right, and whatever right is lies within the beholder. That's at least how I think you have to approach this scary, lonely, abstraction.
  2. You may not be appear big in the grand scheme of things, but believe it or not you have some effect on the future of a million years. And whose to say that, relatively speaking, we aren't huge or the whole world and beyond to one person?

    Just being with someone has the same amount of universe as the universe itself.

  3. That's deep, man
  4. Yes this is sartre's claim that existence precedes essence. Unlike an envelop knife which wouldnt exist unless we give it a purpose or essence, humans exist first and create our essence as we live.

    This statement is pretty cool because it would imply that we each have god like responsibility. With every choice we have, we bear the responsibility for creating the essence of all humans. So in a way it does matter if bill kills jane....because bill has decided for all of mankind that murder is part of our essence or nature.
  5. Guys, you're tripping me out.
  6. :hello: <-- pretend he's clapping not waiving

    It's not very often someone makes a post about the reality of reality on here and gets it right. Kudos.

    Now my question to you is... do you think humanity would be better off or worse with that knowledge in hand? That knowledge being the nature of reality, not your approach to dealing with it.
  7. Define what you mean by amount, please. You are quantifying the universe, in terms of what?
  8. I often think about the "why not just do what you want" attitude. I've become a pretty good metal guitar player in 2.5 years solely on the idea that it's ridiculous not to try and play an instrument.
  9. Looks like general *fullness*.
  10. since when does size make something important/significant?

  11. Yes. Honesty is always the best policy. Live with that knowledge, but don't let it consume. Who I am going on a date with tonight or playing in some sport next week should proceed constant thoughts of this universe. As a Human my task is too be a Human, unless I'm some crazy prophet or something, which is not the case. So I should be worrying about shit directly effecting me on this planet. Otherwise you defeat the purpose of enjoying the beauty. I think about crazy shit like that occasionally, a lot lately, but it's better just to live in what we consider to be reality. It's much more fulfilling.
  12. I think the sense of 'overimportance' that you talk about came about through evolution. The ego, and arrogance of our species is there simply as a means to ensure survial of the species; when, in reality like you said; in the grand scheme of things none of us matter in the slightest. We are programmed not to beleive this, however; becuase if we truly understood the truth, none of us would bother to stick around.

  13. I disagree. The truth is unknown. It could be exactly how science states, Christianity, or it could be that our universe is something like the Ho ville people. Anyway you slice it I'm trying to experience whatever this is even though it can be real miserable and seemingly pointless. The only thing we do know is that we don't really know exactly what everything is all about and further discussion is pretty much futile. I agree a little after re-reading your shit.

  14. if 'this' seems real miserable and seemingly pointless then im very sorry you feel that way

    have you looked into other teachings of meditation and finding everlasting peace? instead of feeling pointless as you say, that makes me sad to read

  15. Dog I've had great times in my life, but it can be miserable and if you haven't experienced misery then you're denying yourself a fundemental emotion.

  16. But let's rap this up though. I've endulged enough
  17. lol of course ive felt misery before but ive sought ways to end an unnecessary and oppressing emotion, it only weighs you down, makes you lose focus and blinds you to the other emotions you could be having. like feeling a love and connection and a simple appreciation for every changing moment. wouldnt you want to eliminate misery from your emotions? what is there to be miserable about? everything seems perfect to me
  18. "Ever desiring nothing
    It can be named insignificant
    Myriad things return to it but it does not rule over them
    It can be named great"

  19. Explain that
  20. That was very introspective I agreed or understood most of it except for this part. Can anyone tell me why ? :confused:

    The reality of reality is that everything you know to "value" and "understand" is just an abstraction. See all these terms like "meaning" and "value" are just human creations.


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