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The real reason weed is illegal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by munchymeiser900, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. I've always wondered why the government says that weed is addictive and other propaganda. seriously they knew its harmless and good b4 anyone else so y do they lie??
  2. Paper nuff said.
  3. Because we have a piece of shit corrupt government and they know that if weed is legalized all these big name drug companies will go out of business. Advil, Tylenol, and over-the-counter shit.
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    Just jike rolldapurple said, the Government is horribly corrupt. It's soooo much more then even just putting big name compnaies outta business. It's everything associated with it.
    It's just like I truly belive the government has had a cure for cancer for years, they don't want the general public to know because it creates jobs, keeps jobs, keeps big time CEO's flying in private jets, population control....You cure cancer and alot of people lose there jobs.

    This also all applies to keeping weed illegal. They legalize it, all they got is taxing it.
  5. The real reason why marijuana is illegal is because pharmaceutical companies have a money IV hooked up to most of politician's arms. They know that if pot were legal, they would be out of business.
  6. Yeah man the paper industry, the cotton industry, the pharmaceutical,oil industries hate the weed. Therefore, our government is paid to do what these corporate interests want. Corrupt bastards all.
  7. All of the above,BUT also because they make more money off of it being illegal.
  8. Watch "The Union" LOL
  9. it's pretty mind blowing how it's 2011 and people are STILL putting all their trust in a broken system and those who run it. America is truly backwards. Demonize natural plants and instead offer synthetic poisoning, genetically modified food, aspartame/fluoride in all our food/drinks/medicine... it's crazy. smoke weed.
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    Yup everybody in america is corrupt. I love how you all say this but have absolutely no proof, and just assume that is a huge corrupt scandal, to make money. Well these big ceo's are people too. If someone did know the cure for cancer, they would probably release it, because i'm sure they know people with it too. Just because someone has money doesnt mean they're the fucking antichrist,and would eat a small child to gain a few extra bucks.. I mean i'd love to see the article saying Advil gives Obama 200 mil to keep weed illegal. Anybody?
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    they've spent more money on trying to keep weed illegal through false information, force and bias trials then any other plant on the earth... they clearly have some reason for keeping illegal haha. What it is for sure I can't say :smoke:
  12. That's why i'm asking you, because for some reason i cant seem to find the article that proves the government is taking pay offs for keeping weed illegal
    innocent until proven guilty, well prove them guilty
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    Industries can give political contributions to politicians. Look at Rep. Lamar Smith's (the Chairman who is blocking the committee hearing for the HR 2306 bill) campaign contributions for example:

    Lamar Smith: Campaign Finance/Money - Industries - Representative 2012 | OpenSecrets

    Beer, wine, and liquor is his 3rd highest contributor. Coincidentally, he is the 3rd highest recipient from that industry out of all Members of the House. Pharmaceuticals and other industries that would be highly affected by marijuana legalization are high on that list. In total, Rep. Lamar Smith received over $600,000 in contributions in the LAST YEAR. His salary as a Congressman is about $175,000 I believe. If he were to vote to legalize marijuana, I bet those industries wouldn't be so charitable... which means money less for campaigning, and hurts his chances of being re-elected.

    And if you don't believe it's about the money, read his excuses for keeping marijuana illegal

    edit: actually, he's only made $600,000 so far since being re-elected... previous terms he's made over $1,000,000 from contributions
  14. Bc it prob secretly makes u live longer and we would over populate the earth
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    Oh wow that's probley exactly it
  16. that shits on netflix
  17. It actually all goes back to the lumber industry. The same way most US presidents have been oil moguls. They also have their hands deep in the pockets of the lumber industry. Originally, the first agricultural bill in the US was a bill ordering people to grow pot because hemp was such a valuable commodity. But when later presidents took office, they saw hemp as a threat to their timber profits and conspired to keep it illegal. MJ also poses a threat to the oil and fuel industry, among others such at the pharmaceutical industry. It originally BECAME illegal because of timber. but it's STILL illegal for so many other reasons as well.

  18. Former Pharma CEO's & COO's end up becoming head's of government agencies, which in turn, protects the Pharma companies.

    Cannabis was originally made illegal because the timber industry feared hemp would put them out of business.

    Over the years, through reasearch, it has been discovered that hemp/cannabis/etc could replace an ABUNDANT amount of industries, thus, reshaping the economy, and ideally, putting many people at the top, at the bottom of the totem pole.

    While it may not be totally "corrupt", the government we've been relying on for all these years is definitely broken.

    Until WE THE PEOPLE realize that WE put these PEOPLE in POWER and demand they uphold our rights, and well being, we'll forever be getting shafted.

    But it's bigger than Cannabis.
  19. I get what u guys r saying bout the companies going out of buisness but y doesnt the govsell it themselves and profit

  20. they can but if it's legal the majority of people would probably grow it. fuck buying it, i would grow like 4 - 5 plants in my yard haha

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