The Real Question

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Switch, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. The real question is not "is there a god" the big question of everything is: Are we really here. It's like in the film the matrix:
    "what is real. If you're talking about what you can see, what you can toutch then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

    How do you know any of this exists. How do I know I am not just a great THING in the sky making all of this up for entertainment. How do you know that you are not? How do we know what is real and what is not. Does all this exist? That's the real question.
  2. Maybe reality is what we don't see!

    When we age we start to see things the way we want to see them. We make sense out ofthe senseless. We make truth out of lies, and lies out of truths.

    You ask if it is real. You have to define real to find out!
  3. hey switch i like the idea of the matrix bit......that way i get to kiss carey ann moss....i think i spelled her name wrong but you know who i mean!!! those skin tight pvc trousers...mmmmmm.....Peace out....Sid

  4. did you know that there is a small but growing number of scientists who believe in a 'holographic universe' theory, in which absolutely anything is possible, all matter is interconnected, and the world as we see it doesnt really exist at all? theyve got some pretty fucking compelling evidence too, and this theory has explanations for lots of stuff which cant be explained by conventional science.. if this is true, we are nothing but these strange consiousnesses floating amongst a random configuration of electric signals, which our brain processes as the physical world.. even our actual brain is nothing but a creation of our consiousnesses, and the world in which we actually live is completely unknown.. and get this: with enough training we can alter our brains' perception of the 'world' around us, effectively altering reality.

    ponder that..
  5. Hey're frying my brain man....i was struggeling with Switch's, but for god's sake that's some hard shit to try to comprehend when you're pished and stoned at the same that mean that i can alter the reality of my world and go back in time and smoke that bowl over and over again without ever having to buy it again....lmao....Peace out....Sid
  6. shit- i'm changing this reality to a bud filled one...
  7. maybe our reality is our dreams......and our dreams are what we percieve as all of this, the city, your life, the computer, your girl, your weed, is a dream.......and all of the monsters under your bed, going to school naked, bombing the big test, fucking a fine ass chick every your reality.
  8. thats the beauty of it all!!! What we perceive, is our reality. And how we perceive things, shapes what we see. It is in our own mind to produce what is real...

    so then, what do you think?
  9. you dont see with your eyes, you perceive with your mind...

    that lyric always made me think about shit like this.

    i explained my ideas on reality and perception during a stoned rant one time..and deducted that i am hours older than everyone else:D
  10. hmm some of you guys should check out discordianism especially bud head. Check out reeality tunelling
  11. hey phil.....fuck pondering it....all of us are living it..... knowingly or not....
    and ...where the fuck is namron?

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